September 9, 2009

We may not have football, but we do have field hockey

For this reason and this reason alone I propose hardcore tailgating on Saturday at 1 p.m. This Saturday.

BU will play BC in the second match (across all sports) of the season between the schools. Not much of a home contest since it's at Jack Barry Field on the MIT campus. Regardless of this, BU's home, and hopefully gonna win.

The school will be providing non-stop bus transport to and from Jack Barry Field on Saturday from 12-4pm. The shuttle will make stops on Comm Ave. at Agganis Arena, GSU and Warren Towers.

In addition free burgers will be provided at Jack Barry Field by Rhett's at the GSU. Free beer provided by the Hot Dog (school ID necessary).

Oh, there is a bright side about not playing home games at BU - you can get away with yelling pretty much whatever you want because there's no Alan:

This is an event. I hope to get there at 9 a.m. Rock a little cornhole, ladder golf, beer pong - you name it. I haven't ever had a legit Saturday morning tailgate. It's about time. Go Leslie Zules!


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