September 24, 2009

That's Why We Call Them The Binghamton Thugcats

You know, one mishap I can understand. Two it starts to get questionable. Three though. Three?! We're talking not just little stuff like they cheated on a test - we're talking about FELONIES.

I am talking about the Binghamton BearThugcats men's basketball team.

In the last three years they have been the ugly face of controversy in the America East, with stories that have garnered national media attention.

Two years ago their Serbian ex-center nearly killed a man, then fled the country. Last year one of their guards stole Magnum condoms from a Wal-mart and ran over a 66-year old woman in the process, putting her in a coma. And now, they're starting point guard, who proudly adorned a uni-brow, was arrested yesterday for DEALING AND POSSESSING COCAINE.

I remind you these people were recruited and at one point in their lives all considered to be good choices for scholarship D-1 athletes.

Yesterday, Tiki Mayben all but guaranteed that the Boston University men's basketball team would be favored as the preseason favorites. Binghamton definitely would've made a strong push had Mayben chosen not to be part of this drug ring.

This was Mayben's second/third and last chance. He had many opportunities in the past at both Syracuse, UMass, and now Binghamton. He blew it all and in the process really screwed over his team. Binghamton will still compete, but they certainly won't be the threat they were considered to be with Mayben running point.

He went from playing Duke in the first round of the NCAA tournament last season to potentially (and probably) watching the games from behind bars. A sad end to a college basketball career. And at this point someone really does need to question what the Bing coaching staff has been doing? How do you let your starting point guard deal drugs right under your nose (no pun intended) and on top of that have all these incidents happen THREE YEARS IN A ROW?

I won't remember him most for dealing drugs. Actually, I might, but I think I'll remember him for calling me a "bi*ch" from the bench at a 2006 men's basketball game because I pointed out his uni-brow. Cheers, Tiki!


Anonymous said...

How about Broadus kicking Rivera, Alvin, and three others off of the team? He must have been told he was being fired if he didn't clean up the program. No doubt this makes us the favorite this year if there was any question about that prior to this.

Brad said...

I just want to correct a few minor details... I'm not defending any of their behavior by any means, just clariying.

The Serb, Milo had already been kicked off the team before the fight over some girls happened in an off campus bar. Once the kid fell to the ground - several people kicked him leading to his injuries, not just Milo.

In the Malik Alvin case, in regards to the assault charge, Malik was fleeing Walmart security running out of the store, when he bumped the woman and more so her cart, as she crossed his path, she fell to the floor. There was no serious injury or coma, she and Malik met, he apologized, she accepted, and the charge of assault was dropped. He has worked since on Community Service projects for the final charge of attempting to steal a box of condoms.

As for Tiki - STUPID - is all that comes to mind. Here is a guy who has a lot of people helping him turn his life around. After suffering through a childhood with a father who was in and out of drug trouble and prison. Who has a young child of his own, who was given the opportunity to play a sport he loves and better himself with top notch tutors and an learning center to get his college education. He wasn't NBA bound, but may be Europe with his shooting that would have garnered him some nice money and a better life and a college degree to fall back on. He had a free ride - and blew it on his own - now the cycle of his life will most likely continue with his child.