September 29, 2009

Sam Perkins At It Again

So the big development with everyone's second favorite America East blogger (behind us, of course) is his newest blog. A concept I haven't even fathomed, and I can't think of anyone else thinking of, Sam Perkins is tackling a demographic that has in the past been untackled.

As you know, Sam is one of, if not the only writers who dedicates a lot of time to the America East. For that I give him endless amounts of respect, despite what he might call me on my Facebook.

Anyways, Sam's new blog is called Far From the Show and it covers minor league, independent, and overseas professional athletics. He's already done a piece on Stijn Dhond, BU '02 - a player I missed who played during Dennis Wolff's glory days. Wait a minute, DW had glory days? Who knew?

The blog's worth a read, especially if you're trying to get pumped for basketball season and the potential of BU's first visit to a big-time dance since Dhond played in Boston. Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see someone giving leagues like the AEC some attention. I'm so tired of this notion that only the Big East, Pac-10 and the other BCS conferences are worth discussing. A good read for sure