September 23, 2009

Oh, That's Right, I Have a Blog

School has started, which means that I've neglected my own blog for too long! I looked and saw the last post I had was more than a week ago. Talk about unacceptable. Someone better email me next time something like this happens.

When BU sports lose and have tough losses it gets harder and harder for me to write about, which is why for my first post in a long while I'm going to write about something completely non-sports related.

During the HD&J Awards Band Director Chris Parks sent me an email (while he was still in Montgomery) saying how much he enjoyed the awards ceremony, and in exchange for our kind hospitality, he was inviting us (and a few others) to a taping of Wheel of Fortune. How/why? BDCP and the BU band was tabbed as the house band for the show's taping of college week - 3 weeks worth of shows filmed in 3 days. Gotta love show business!

So, the Loyal Crew and I made a trip out of it. We took three different MBTA lines all the way to the Boston Convention Center (not Hynes) and waited in a huge, long line to enter the set of WOF. Luckily, BDCP hooked us up with some VIP tickets.

We cut the line, but still got screwed with seating - we were parked all the way to the right of the stage, not even in the vicinity of the stage and with terribly obstructed views.

We suffered through Pat Sajak's attempts at comedy, while the real comedian was this dude from Cornell. Talk about awkward - I kid you not - he guessed a letter that literally sounded like he said "owl" and Pat Sajak hesitated and moved on to the next contestant - a BC undergrad who we boo-ed every time she got one right and cheered on every wrong answer.

Somehow, someway, this (boarderline slow human) Cornell student made it to the final, losing it all.

The BU band played loudly and proudly. Rhett was on hand along with some dance teamers and cheerleaders.

You can look for our episode on November 12 and 13.

I bounced after the first taping because I just couldn't take it anymore. Apparently, some of the other Loyal Crew that stayed moved up and to better seats and got a lot of camera time.

That's what happens though when you have LFSD:

<3 you Luc.

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