September 9, 2009

BU Fútbol looks good

According to there were 369 people in attendance for a soccer game that wasn't Terrier Tailgate. That's gotta be a new BU record. I really think for once BU didn't count the players, workers, and referees in attendance. I don't even think they counted all the (probably) freshmen standing in the Bakery in the south end of the Nick.

If you haven't ever played flag football you probably don't know that the Bakery is the place to go if you're A. a freshman B. trying to get high C. looking to get caught by cops.

The bakery is 420-friendly. And the last game they even got into cheers. So proud of them.

On Monday BU curbstomped Providence College and continued their dominance of their opponents not named UMass. BU improved to 2-0-1 on the season and helped make their case for a higher ranking than their current #14.

Big things are a-happening on Sunday when BU hosts #4 St. John's. You'll remember it was St. John's that ended Jon Jonsson's collegiate career last year, so the team will no doubt be looking for redemption.

Before this monumental test on Sunday BU has to go to Harvard to play Harvard - not ranked, but received six votes in the National poll.

I'm telling you, this BU team has some promise. They crushed PC (nothing to be overly proud of) without Shaun Taylor. The chemistry from defense to the strikers looks good - Bustamante is a clear danger to the opposition if he gets in the open field or gets a defender one-on-one. Buerbe looks much improved from last year, Aaron O'Neal is shooting with incredibly accuracy, I've never seen Sammy play with such poise and control, and Richy Dorman seems like he's all over the field.

Oh and we have Hrafn still in what must be his seventh year (at least it feels like) in net.

Factor in the youngbloods who have been holding their own, a set of twins (Shea's) that are mistake free thus far this season, and then bring back Shaun Taylor, who as I've said before, is the most intimidating human being at BU. This team has promise - not just America East promise - National promise.

I can't wait to see what this team has in store. It was FUN watching them, which I hope will continue to bring fans out to Nickerson.

As I stated, that next game is on Sunday night at 7 p.m. against St. John's. It's Dirty Laundry night so the first 100 students in attendance get a coupon for 10 pounds of laundry to be cleaned and delivered courtesy of Lazybones. You'll remember they did this at two different BU basketball games. The service was so good Mr. and Mrs. Hot Dog forced me to purchase a weekly package this semester. SCREW DOING MY OWN LAUNDRY.

BU Soccer: I can't wait to watch you in action again.

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