September 9, 2009

Athletes are athletic

I had the honor to partake in the annual athlete kickball tournament. Obviously, I'm not an athlete, just look at me:

Yes, those are pencil-thin arms. I fight with my mouth, not my hands. But really, the bottom line is I'm a lover not a fighter.

Anyways, I was on a sick team - team 2:

Brad Castranova
Ryan Dowd
Jennifer Fleser
Emily Roesch
Yicaho mark
Rachel Moeller
Sarah Doersam

Obviously, as you can tell, we ran sh**. For one game. Then we ran into the unstoppable force that is team 8. However, in the finals team 8 met team 6. The game ended in a tie. How you ask? It got dark and Alan Weinberger laid down the law again, kicking everyone off the field!


Anyways, three days later I'm still more sore than I've ever been in my life. My legs ache, my arms are throbbing, and I haven't been able to sleep right since. I don't know how these BU athletes do it day after day with stuff like lifting and practice and then, Jesus, games?!

I commend you athletes and will continue to voice/show my support.

Big ups to HD&J award winner, Krystyn McIntyre for putting the whole thing together. Such a positive beast on everyone's life at BU. Keep it up, K-Mac.

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