September 3, 2009


I missed Splash this year and today I found out that I missed out on what would have been the best Splash ever.

If you haven't heard, a propane fire caused three successive explosions of the Kosher food stand. The first one on the scene - well, after the fire truck - you better believe it, was Alan Weinberger.

There's no doubt you know Alan as long as you've yelled anything at any Case/Nickerson event. You so much as open you mouth and Alan's on you harder than girls on Flute Guy. He runs a clean ship (or tries to) at sporting events and I know he intends on keeping it that way. I wonder how he'll react when I bring my 6 ft' inflatable male genitalia into Case?

Anyways, Alan was right in there for all the action as firemen hosed down those poor, uneaten hot dogs.

If you look closely you can see Alan in EVERYONE of these pictures, courtesy of Darryl Deluca. I gotta say, DD is great with that camera. He's captured some of my greatest memories while at this school and I highly recommend going one of his BU rooftop tours.

Here you go:

He's in there somewhere!

Then, wait for it.........

wait for it..........


If Alan ever gets a Facebook, this picture better be his first and only default.

Alan kept things under control - just look at how casual he looks in all the pics. Job well done, Alan. Now, don't kick me out when I come close to fighting UNH fathers ;-) I'll let you fight with me.

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