August 11, 2009

Sarah Dalton Goes All Benedict Arnold On BU

Why couldn't things with Sarah Dalton go down like they did with Christine Kinneary. Two of the best female athletes (both nominated for HD&J Awards for Best Female Athlete) both graduated. One got added to the BU basketball coaching staff, the other is heading to Virginia to join the William & Mary lacrosse coaching staff. Dalton will become an assistant of a team that took BU to 2OT last year (but lost) and put up 12 in a victory in '06. Talk about going Benedict Arnold on your comrades.

It's just not fair. She became the biggest legend in BU lacrosse history and now must leave?! I can only hope this is just one step in her journey to one day replacing Coach Robertshaw, once she retires after having won 23 straight National Championships. That's my prediction, at least.


J. Manuel said...

we are all upset that sarah glover dalton is leaving us, but she is not leaving to george mason. she is going to be an assisstant at william & mary, according to (my only source for BU athletics related stories and HD & J blog)

The Hot Dog said...