August 5, 2009

Puerto Rico: You Can Buy Beer In 7-11 There

Puerto Rico is on the horizon for the BU basketball team, and I'm hoping come November 19 I can join the excitement. Here's the bracket:

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The bracket was announced yesterday on ESPNEWS and BU drew Kansas State. I remember Kansas State for two reason, both of which I have video for:

1. Bill Walker, now a Boston Celtic, went to Kansas State for two years, and played on the basketball team for one and a half. In those 1.5 years he accomplished something no one else has done - urinated while on the basketball court. I've thrown up on a basketball court (recently as a matter of fact, during an intramural game that then had to be delayed 10 minutes), but I've never pulled off going number one in front of thousands:

Watch closely in the lower right:

And the up close visual:

I don't care who you are, you have to feel bad for that equipment manager. He didn't sign up to handle any urine-soaked towels.

2. The other thing I think of when I hear "Kansas State" is this hilarious video that the athletic department made to inspire some sort of tradition at football games, I think?

At least our mascot doesn't have human arms and mime playing electric guitar, you freak!

No doubt I'll be thinking of these two things as I buy beer, legally, at 7-11, in Puerto Rico on November 19.

If all goes right BU will play Villanova in the 3rd leg of the tournament.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god Bill Snyder's back at K-State