August 21, 2009

It's Officially Officially Official

It's not like anyone didn't know this thing would happen:

BU-BC at Fenway!

Like I thought it's billed as a home, Hockey East game for BC, meaning that the BU faithful only have to travel the sh*tbox that is Conte Forum once. I hope it's a fogout!

The rest of the schedule was posted today, because, I think as everyone deep down knew, the school was just waiting for the ceremonial-type of annoucnement that happened at Fenway yesterday. In front of a sellout crowd (opposite day logic):

(Melissa Wade)

Here's the 2009-2010 schedule:

10/3 vs. St. Xavier's (exhibition)
10/10 vs. US Under-18 Team (exhibition)
10/16 @ UMass
10/20 vs. Notre Dame
10/24 vs. Michigan
10/30 @ UMass-Lowell
10/31 vs. UMass-Lowell
11/6 @ Northeastern
11/8 @ Maine
11/13 @ Merrimack
11/14 vs. Merrimack
11/20 @ UNH
11/21 @ UNH
11/24 @ Harvard
11/28 vs. Cornell (@ MSG)
12/4 vs. Vermont
12/5 vs. BC
12/11 vs. Rensselaer
1/2 vs. UMass
1/8 @ BC (@ Fenway)
1/15 @ Providence
1/16 vs. Merrimack
1/22 @ BC
1/23 vs. UNH
1/29 vs. UMass
2/1 vs. Northeastern (Beanpot)
2/5 @ UMass-Lowell
2/8 vs. BC/Harvard (Beanpot)
2/12 vs. Maine
2/13 vs. Maine
2/19 @ Providence
2/20 vs. Providence
2/26 @ Vermont
2/28 @ Vermont
3/5 vs. Northeastern
3/6 @ Northeastern

I hate to say it, but I wouldn't be shocked if BU had their home opener sitting on an 0-1-0 record. Reigning National Champions, starting at the Mullins Center, where the scum of fanhood reproduces and drinks copious amounts of alcohol, underage, is no cakewalk.

Banner raising on that first home game though. Plus a Madison Square Garden game, an outdoor game, and only one trip to Chestnut Hill University - NICE!

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JohnnyC said...

Mad props for referring to the school in Newton as Chestnut Hill University. Also acceptable: Left Nut Hill.