August 2, 2009

Fresh Faces

A couple of weeks ago I was pretending to be a BU basketball player while playing at FitRec. While taking an extended breather I looked up to see the entire, real life squad coming my way.

For whatever reason the men's team was about to practice right in FitRec. It was like I got an advanced screening to a highly anticipated summer blockbuster - I was going to get to watch the men's team practice months before I really should be seeing them play.

The team just played pickup the entire time, but I got to see different dynamics of players I don't usually see - like Valdas draining three-pointers, Scott Brittain and Jeff Pelage running the floor, Los Strong getting very angry over calls (there wasn't a referree), and Tunde playing, and playing well.

Los was back on the court, coming back from a knee injury, and besides the brace, nothing in his game has really changed. Tyler Morris was still sidelined as he still recovers from his injury.

Besides these, there were three new faces that I saw - freshman BJ Bailey had class during the team's practice, so he wasn't there, but I did get a chance to see three players I won't be able to see live, while I'm still an actual student at the school:

Darryl Partin

Darryl comes from Seattle, through LaSalle. He is heavily tattoo-ed and to say he looks bad-ass is an understatement. As The BU Hoops Blog points out, at LaSalle DP played in 28 games, with 27 "ehh" games and one 30-point game. I kind of saw why this happened as I watched him play - Darryl is a gunner. He is not afraid to just bring the ball up the court and pull up. His 6-6 frame and ability to handle the ball well gives him the upper hand when creating his own shots over defenders. He could probably put on some pounds, but he's definitely an impact player I can see contributing right beside John Holland in two years.

Matt Griffin

At first I said to myself, "alright, who's this white boy?" I didn't give him any credit. Until I saw him dribble. Matt's from Narberth, PA and a transfer from Rider. He's 5-11, so I suppose at that height he MUST have an above average ability to dribble the ball. He seemed like a Marques Johnson type player in the few minutes I watched - a point guard, playing just like a point guard should, with extremely good command on the basketball.

Patrick Hazel

I didn't get to see Hazel get any game time because of the numbers of players there - he was always sitting out, and from what I believe I heard, he had some sort of leg ailment. That's beside the point - like Partin, Hazel is 6-6, but pretty much opposite of Darryl. Hazel is built and from what I can tell, made to be in the lowpost. He has 30 pounds (220) on Partin and I really couldn't tell you what his jump shot looks like. He comes from Marquette, so he's seen big time Big East basketball just like our new coach.

I believe all three players have two years of eligibility left starting next year.

These fresh faces, in addition to whoever else Chambers brings in, I think, can guarantee some promise for the future, no matter how good or bad this year ends up going for the Terriers.


Anonymous said...

I'm really pumped about the potential for Hazel, he came out of high school pretty highly touted for someone who will be playing in the AEC.

Plus he played at Marquette, which may not be among the Big East's elite with UConn, Louisville, and Syracuse, but it's def in that group of second-tier teams like West Virginia and Villanova.

Andy Sharon said...

Can't shoot the rock but can jump out of the gym. Shot blocking, rebounding type, runs the floor well. Reminds me of BU's Paul Hendricks.