July 1, 2009

Waiting For Schedules Is Frustrating

I've been waiting for the men's ice hockey schedule for a while. For whatever reason I have this thought in my head that it would be released to the public on June 16th. That didn't happen and still hasn't happened.

Instead there's just been rumor upon rumor without anything officially confirming BU's participation in the Winter Classic at Fenway. As much as I want to I just can't trust The Delaware County Daily Times, especially since Mike Lynch hasn't said, "it's going down."

If this does happen the competition and variety of venues the hockey team will play in will be groundbreaking. The schedule would consist of MSG, Fenway, TD BankNorth, Agganis, and all the other Hockey East schools.

BU is supposed to open the season with Notre Dame and raise the banner, then get a visit from Michigan, ontop or Red Hot Hockey in New York and then possibly an outdoor game. I don't see how it could get any better coming off of a National Championship year. What makes all of this more inticing is that none of the games on the BU schedule seem like they're going to be that far from Beantown.

However, "Judgement Day" (schedule release day) hasn't come yet and I can't drool and stare at the schedule.

What I can drool and stare at are the fall sports schedules which have all been released in the last couple of weeks:

Men's Soccer:
9/1 @ UMass
9/5 @ UConn
9/7 vs. Providence
9/11 @ Harvard
9/13 vs. St. John's
9/18 vs. BC
9/20 @ Columbia
9/23 vs. Holy Cross
9/26 @ Rhode Island
9/30 @ Brown
10/3 vs. Stony Brook
10/7 vs. UNH
10/10 @ Hartford
10/16 @ Binghamton
10/21 vs. UMBC
10/24 vs. Adelphi
10/28 @ UVM
10/31 @ Albany

Women's Soccer:
8/27 vs. Rhode Island
8/30 vs. UMass
9/2 @ BC
9/4 @ Loyola
9/6 @ WVU
9/11 @ UConn
9/13 vs. PSU (@ UConn)
9/18 @ Northeastern
9/20 vs. Harvard
9/24 vs. Dartmouth
9/27 vs. Binghamton
10/1 @ UNH
10/4 @ Maine
10/8 vs. Vermont
10/11 @ Albany
10/15 @ Stony Brook
10/18 vs. Hartford
10/21 vs. Bryant
10/25 vs. UMBC

Field Hockey:
8/28 @ Northwestern
8/29 vs. Maryland (@ Northwestern)
9/4 @ UMass
9/6 vs. Iowa (@ UMass)
9/12 vs. BC
9/13 vs. Northeastern
9/19 vs. Sacred Heart
9/20 @ Dartmouth
9/25 @ Virginia
9/27 @ Old Dominion
10/3 vs. Vermont
10/4 vs. Duke (@ BC)
10/10 @ Fairfield
10/14 @ Harvard
10/17 vs. UNH
10/21 @ UConn
10/24 vs. Albany
10/30 vs. Providence
11/1 @ Maine

Okay, so we have all these - the usual Terrier Tailgate, with the women's soccer team this time, a couple of TV games, tailgating for field hockey, which will be the new tailgating for football, and then what we know about the men's basketball schedule: an away game at UConn and the Puerto Rico tournament. I know where I'll be on my birthday (November 20th).

Factor in all these potential thrillers that the hockey team may be partaking in and you're looking at one of the most interesting and exciting years in recent Terrier athletic history.

Why is it only the beginning of June? It's such torture waiting for the year to come.

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