July 17, 2009

So Is It Happening?

On Wednesday the NHL proudly announced the 2010 Winter Classic featuring the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers.

Nothing has been officially announced anywhere about the outdoor BU-BC game. So is it happening?

My gut tells me yes, it'll happen on January 8th and it will be a home game for BC, meaning one game at Conte, one at Agganis, and one at Fenway. That's just my gut though.

I can't help but check GoTerriers.com every hour on the hour, hoping this game will be official.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're right, but interestingly enough I've heard they're going to count it as a non-conference contest, thus there will still be two games at Conte. Who knows, but considering we can possibly play BC five times before Hockey East tourney makes me giddy in all the wrong ways.