July 11, 2009

Small World

Coach Chambers newly assembled coaching staff was recently revealed to the public. To no real surprise the staff is made up of Pennsylvania natives. Ross Condon, Brian Daly and Adam Fisher all became Terriers.

I wasn't totally thrilled when I heard the announcement. It's the head coach that acts as the figurehead and most important piece of the puzzle. However, I looked at the names of the three additions and one of them jumped out to me.

Brian Daly. I knew I had heard or seen that name somewhere before. Where?

You see, back in the day I used to play basketball. As I've talked about, I was a child-shooting prodigy. I used to be somewhat talented at basketball, to the point I would play year round.

Back in PA during the summer kids would play in up to three or four different leagues. One of the leagues I played in was called the Narberth Basketball League, based out of Narberth, Pennsylvania.

That's when it all came together - one year, my coach for my Narberth team was a man named Brian Daly. Could it be...

I needed some sort of photo to identify this man. Thanks to Dean Elmore's Twitter, success:

It's definitely him. I doubt he knows what type of monster I've become:

The point of all of this is - if you coached young Hot Dog at any point in your life, you have a chance to become a D1 college basketball coach. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Why weren't you totally thrilled when you heard the announcement?

The Hot Dog said...

I didn't expect to know any of the new coaches. Until this past year I really hadn't known any of DW's assistants. To me, it wasn't stop-what-I'm-doing-immediately news, until I realized I knew one of these guys.