July 7, 2009

Small Hockey Update

Stalking the USCHO Message Board these nuggets of men's hockey info have been revealed:

A small portion of the schedule this season:

Click to enlarge.

Still no BC games on there or anything about a said Winter Classic.

Eric Gryba and Z. Cohen keeping busy during the summer, tearing it up at Senators' developmental summer camp. Gryba's fists were eager to beat someone down so he let loose, at a SUMMER CAMP. The two Terrier players 3-on-3 team won some portion of the camp. They just have that championship spirit. You can watch it all right here.

Word is Z will be at Chicago's camp coming up as well. Good to see his stock has risen after such a great junior year.

Finally, the Terrier Hockey Fan Blog is saying that in the next couple of months a book covering the eight-month journey to a National Championship for the BU hockey team will be released, called, of course, Burn the Boats.

Burn the Boats will be the only book I will ever read faster than the final Harry Potter book. This book sounds like it's going to go deep in depth with the players, coaches, and amazing journey of the best Terrier hockey team to ever take the ice.

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