July 6, 2009

Make Tebow Cry With Me

Because that's all I've ever wanted. Remember that speech he made after Florida lost to Ole Miss this past season?

Well, with enough of an effort we collectively can make Tebow reinact that speech with a different platform: The ESPY's - ESPN's brutal attempt at an awards show.

BU's very own God-among-men, Matt Gilroy is up for best male college athlete. There really isn't anyone nearly as deserving if you ask me.

Go ahead and vote here. You'll need an ESPN account, but you can have one of my 47 if you want.


Anonymous said...

as much as it pains me to say it, gilroy's got no chance; I'm assuming this grants him an invite to the ESPYs though, which is pretty freakin cool

The Hot Dog said...

Oh, I know. I might say Gilroy has a chance to finish 4th, ahead of Strasburg, but even that's a stretch.