July 14, 2009

JBW Going Global

Like Kristi Dini before her, Jesyka Burks-Wiley has chosen to continue her basketball career overseas. Rather than play in Italy like Dini, JBW's heading to Romania in the beginning of August.

Burks-Wiley had all the credentials coming out of BU - a 1,000-point scorer, the America East's best player, and arguably one of the best that has ever played at BU that has a tongue piercing.

I remember talking to JBW at one of the orientation sessions this year and she told me it was down to either basketball in Romania or one other country, I can't remember which one. One of the teams would've provided residence in a hotel and free room service. I said that was a deal breaker. I can only hope that Jesyka made the right decision and that her Romanian team is providing a handsome contract along with free room service. Mmmmm, room service.

Jesyka will be the only American on BC ICIM Arad. I don't know what the language situation over there is, but they speak a universal language: basketball. Boy, that was a beautiful sentence.

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kmac said...

She chose the room service/hotel. Great decision!