July 30, 2009

Hello, Ladiessssss

Lucky us, GoTerriers.com posted a picture of the lucky lacrosse ladies of the class of 2013:

They include Danielle Etrasco, Rachel Friedman, Kristen Mogavero, Kim Elsworth, and Monica Baumgartner (the sister of Erica, who is also on the team). Those two look exactly the same. BU and their siblings on the same team, I'll tell you - you have the Shea brothers on the soccer team, the Saponaris and borderline Cohens in hockey, and now the Baumgartners. Forgive me if I'm forgetting any set.

If only the BU sibling magic had worked on the Hot Dog family. Instead, cocktail weenie is getting himself banished to Newton College to become a Superfan. Shame on him.

Anyways, I have to suspect that this picture was taken this week during orientation, so hopefully I can go about finding/borderline stalking these girls tonight at one of the many Dog Pound recruiting sessions on BU's campus. I'm kidding of course. Kind of. Maybe.

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