July 30, 2009

Farewell Mr. Matthew Killen

It is sad, but true. Matt Killen is transferring and won't be part of Pat Chambers inaugural team. Where is he going you ask?

Yes, that is indeed a picture of a mule, and yes, the Mules are the schools mascot. Please refrain from making any "ass" jokes.

UCM is a DII team and part of the MIAA conference. For the past two seasons the Mules made it to the DII Final Four, so in that sense, Killen's making a major upgrade - potential postseason basketball!

I'll remember Matt Killen for a couple of things:

1. In one of the four games he got time in his freshman year he recorded the only goaltending violation of the season. It was on a fast break and he made a Lebron James style block off of the glass, only the ball had pretty much already hit the rim. I still remember that moment vividly anytime I enter Case Gym.

2. I suppose I can talk about this now that DW is gone - this past season the men's team beat NU at NU. Dennis Wolff was so happy with the team that he told them to something to the extent of "go enjoy some drinks with some honorable women" (partially censored). I only know this because it appeared on a certain players Facebook.

3. Matt Killen changed his number this past year. He's the only player to have done so in my time here that I can remember, other than Zach Cohen and, of course, Jason Lawrence. I find it rather comical that BU decided to retire Matt's number, number 10, while he was still wearing it. Jack Leaman wore #10 on the 1959 Elite Eight team, and it being BU's 100th season, the school just couldn't wait, forcing Mr. Killen to switch numbers from 10 to 42.

4. ESPN.com thinks Killen is a Junior, to-be Senior.

Had DW been coaching this upcoming season I think Killen was planning on transferring anyways. In all seriousness, I will miss the guy. He may not have gotten a lot of opportunities on the court, but that certainly didn't take away from what type of person he was off of it. Matt's a great guy and I have a lot of respect for him. I wish him all the best at Central Missouri.

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Anonymous said...

God, I wish there was a video clip out there of DW saying that, I would be glued to it for days.