July 2, 2009

The Commissioner's Cup: BU's Big Ass Chain

I was recently alerted that this is T-Pain's big ass chain. BU can't share anything like this, but it can share the Commissioner's Cup for the fourth straight year and sixth time in the last seven. Unfortunately, I don't believe the Cup can be worn as a chain.

It goes without saying that Terrier athletics were awesome this year. There isn't really a better way to describe the domination across almost all sports, both men's and women's. When other schools saw 'BU' on their schedules they knew it wasn't going to be a cakewalk an they knew they were going up against a potential champion.

I can't describe how fun it was to be a Terrier fan this season. I can't thank the athletes enough for giving me something to cheer for game in, game out. I can promise that if I were up in Maine and had to endure the abortion of a year the Black Bears had this past season across all sports, I probably wouldn't be pushing freshmen to attend sporting events at orientations.

It's been said, but being a Terrier is good right now. I can only hope my last year as an undergrad is the fifth straight year as Commissioner's Cup champions.

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