July 30, 2009

Farewell Mr. Matthew Killen

It is sad, but true. Matt Killen is transferring and won't be part of Pat Chambers inaugural team. Where is he going you ask?

Yes, that is indeed a picture of a mule, and yes, the Mules are the schools mascot. Please refrain from making any "ass" jokes.

UCM is a DII team and part of the MIAA conference. For the past two seasons the Mules made it to the DII Final Four, so in that sense, Killen's making a major upgrade - potential postseason basketball!

I'll remember Matt Killen for a couple of things:

1. In one of the four games he got time in his freshman year he recorded the only goaltending violation of the season. It was on a fast break and he made a Lebron James style block off of the glass, only the ball had pretty much already hit the rim. I still remember that moment vividly anytime I enter Case Gym.

2. I suppose I can talk about this now that DW is gone - this past season the men's team beat NU at NU. Dennis Wolff was so happy with the team that he told them to something to the extent of "go enjoy some drinks with some honorable women" (partially censored). I only know this because it appeared on a certain players Facebook.

3. Matt Killen changed his number this past year. He's the only player to have done so in my time here that I can remember, other than Zach Cohen and, of course, Jason Lawrence. I find it rather comical that BU decided to retire Matt's number, number 10, while he was still wearing it. Jack Leaman wore #10 on the 1959 Elite Eight team, and it being BU's 100th season, the school just couldn't wait, forcing Mr. Killen to switch numbers from 10 to 42.

4. ESPN.com thinks Killen is a Junior, to-be Senior.

Had DW been coaching this upcoming season I think Killen was planning on transferring anyways. In all seriousness, I will miss the guy. He may not have gotten a lot of opportunities on the court, but that certainly didn't take away from what type of person he was off of it. Matt's a great guy and I have a lot of respect for him. I wish him all the best at Central Missouri.

Can Someone Record An Assist From The Bench?

Because I bet you Christine Kinneary can/will try.

Instead of completely losing four of the best basketball players in BU women's basketball history, BU will really only lose three. Not so bad! She's a BUDT favorite, so I know they're probably the most happy about this.

Christine Kinneary is joining the coaching staff as director of basketball operations.

She is the all-time BU leader in assists, games played, and minutes. I knew about the assists, but the other two stats I didn't know of, but don't surprise me in the least bit. Christine was always one of my favorite athletes to watch. She mastered her craft and at times completely controlled the tempo of the game. The Terrier team is going to be fortunate to have her not just handling daily team operations, but also giving her fresh insight on the action on the court.

O/U for Christine taking reigns as BU women's head coach - 11 years. I like the under!

Hello, Ladiessssss

Lucky us, GoTerriers.com posted a picture of the lucky lacrosse ladies of the class of 2013:

They include Danielle Etrasco, Rachel Friedman, Kristen Mogavero, Kim Elsworth, and Monica Baumgartner (the sister of Erica, who is also on the team). Those two look exactly the same. BU and their siblings on the same team, I'll tell you - you have the Shea brothers on the soccer team, the Saponaris and borderline Cohens in hockey, and now the Baumgartners. Forgive me if I'm forgetting any set.

If only the BU sibling magic had worked on the Hot Dog family. Instead, cocktail weenie is getting himself banished to Newton College to become a Superfan. Shame on him.

Anyways, I have to suspect that this picture was taken this week during orientation, so hopefully I can go about finding/borderline stalking these girls tonight at one of the many Dog Pound recruiting sessions on BU's campus. I'm kidding of course. Kind of. Maybe.

And Those Other Jerseys

The few I've forgotten:

I was going to make Wilson's Preds jersey, but then I realized he's not a Terrier anymore.

You'll notice that there's a new poll at the top of our page. We need your help to determine ONE of the Hot Dog and Jesus Awards, coming in the month of August. Who is the BU fan favorite?

July 17, 2009

I Will One Day Own All Of These

It's the summer. I have a week off, so I wanted to see what all my future NHL jerseys will look like. Below are some of your favorite Terriers in their respective NHL developmental camp team jerseys. Obviously, my first purchase will be the Sens-Gryba:

CoreyTrivino's going to have to pick a different number, because Islanders #9 is retired. I'm sure current NHLers will turn their taken numbers over to a National Champion upon request.

So Is It Happening?

On Wednesday the NHL proudly announced the 2010 Winter Classic featuring the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers.

Nothing has been officially announced anywhere about the outdoor BU-BC game. So is it happening?

My gut tells me yes, it'll happen on January 8th and it will be a home game for BC, meaning one game at Conte, one at Agganis, and one at Fenway. That's just my gut though.

I can't help but check GoTerriers.com every hour on the hour, hoping this game will be official.

July 14, 2009

JBW Going Global

Like Kristi Dini before her, Jesyka Burks-Wiley has chosen to continue her basketball career overseas. Rather than play in Italy like Dini, JBW's heading to Romania in the beginning of August.

Burks-Wiley had all the credentials coming out of BU - a 1,000-point scorer, the America East's best player, and arguably one of the best that has ever played at BU that has a tongue piercing.

I remember talking to JBW at one of the orientation sessions this year and she told me it was down to either basketball in Romania or one other country, I can't remember which one. One of the teams would've provided residence in a hotel and free room service. I said that was a deal breaker. I can only hope that Jesyka made the right decision and that her Romanian team is providing a handsome contract along with free room service. Mmmmm, room service.

Jesyka will be the only American on BC ICIM Arad. I don't know what the language situation over there is, but they speak a universal language: basketball. Boy, that was a beautiful sentence.

July 11, 2009

Small World

Coach Chambers newly assembled coaching staff was recently revealed to the public. To no real surprise the staff is made up of Pennsylvania natives. Ross Condon, Brian Daly and Adam Fisher all became Terriers.

I wasn't totally thrilled when I heard the announcement. It's the head coach that acts as the figurehead and most important piece of the puzzle. However, I looked at the names of the three additions and one of them jumped out to me.

Brian Daly. I knew I had heard or seen that name somewhere before. Where?

You see, back in the day I used to play basketball. As I've talked about, I was a child-shooting prodigy. I used to be somewhat talented at basketball, to the point I would play year round.

Back in PA during the summer kids would play in up to three or four different leagues. One of the leagues I played in was called the Narberth Basketball League, based out of Narberth, Pennsylvania.

That's when it all came together - one year, my coach for my Narberth team was a man named Brian Daly. Could it be...

I needed some sort of photo to identify this man. Thanks to Dean Elmore's Twitter, success:

It's definitely him. I doubt he knows what type of monster I've become:

The point of all of this is - if you coached young Hot Dog at any point in your life, you have a chance to become a D1 college basketball coach. You're welcome.

July 7, 2009

Small Hockey Update

Stalking the USCHO Message Board these nuggets of men's hockey info have been revealed:

A small portion of the schedule this season:

Click to enlarge.

Still no BC games on there or anything about a said Winter Classic.

Eric Gryba and Z. Cohen keeping busy during the summer, tearing it up at Senators' developmental summer camp. Gryba's fists were eager to beat someone down so he let loose, at a SUMMER CAMP. The two Terrier players 3-on-3 team won some portion of the camp. They just have that championship spirit. You can watch it all right here.

Word is Z will be at Chicago's camp coming up as well. Good to see his stock has risen after such a great junior year.

Finally, the Terrier Hockey Fan Blog is saying that in the next couple of months a book covering the eight-month journey to a National Championship for the BU hockey team will be released, called, of course, Burn the Boats.

Burn the Boats will be the only book I will ever read faster than the final Harry Potter book. This book sounds like it's going to go deep in depth with the players, coaches, and amazing journey of the best Terrier hockey team to ever take the ice.

July 6, 2009

Make Tebow Cry With Me

Because that's all I've ever wanted. Remember that speech he made after Florida lost to Ole Miss this past season?

Well, with enough of an effort we collectively can make Tebow reinact that speech with a different platform: The ESPY's - ESPN's brutal attempt at an awards show.

BU's very own God-among-men, Matt Gilroy is up for best male college athlete. There really isn't anyone nearly as deserving if you ask me.

Go ahead and vote here. You'll need an ESPN account, but you can have one of my 47 if you want.

July 2, 2009

The Commissioner's Cup: BU's Big Ass Chain

I was recently alerted that this is T-Pain's big ass chain. BU can't share anything like this, but it can share the Commissioner's Cup for the fourth straight year and sixth time in the last seven. Unfortunately, I don't believe the Cup can be worn as a chain.

It goes without saying that Terrier athletics were awesome this year. There isn't really a better way to describe the domination across almost all sports, both men's and women's. When other schools saw 'BU' on their schedules they knew it wasn't going to be a cakewalk an they knew they were going up against a potential champion.

I can't describe how fun it was to be a Terrier fan this season. I can't thank the athletes enough for giving me something to cheer for game in, game out. I can promise that if I were up in Maine and had to endure the abortion of a year the Black Bears had this past season across all sports, I probably wouldn't be pushing freshmen to attend sporting events at orientations.

It's been said, but being a Terrier is good right now. I can only hope my last year as an undergrad is the fifth straight year as Commissioner's Cup champions.

July 1, 2009

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

These are the America East Scholar-Athletes from BU for the past year:

Seniors Andrea Walkonen of the women's indoor track and field team, Andre Watson of the men's swimming and diving team, Matt Wolff of the men's basketball team and junior Emily Munday of the women's swimming and diving team.

I say one of them is not like the other:

Matt Wolff's not smiling!

Cheer up, Matt. You're a scholar athlete, holding down a nice job at a local drinking establishment, and your father just recently became a (probable) millionaire.

Waiting For Schedules Is Frustrating

I've been waiting for the men's ice hockey schedule for a while. For whatever reason I have this thought in my head that it would be released to the public on June 16th. That didn't happen and still hasn't happened.

Instead there's just been rumor upon rumor without anything officially confirming BU's participation in the Winter Classic at Fenway. As much as I want to I just can't trust The Delaware County Daily Times, especially since Mike Lynch hasn't said, "it's going down."

If this does happen the competition and variety of venues the hockey team will play in will be groundbreaking. The schedule would consist of MSG, Fenway, TD BankNorth, Agganis, and all the other Hockey East schools.

BU is supposed to open the season with Notre Dame and raise the banner, then get a visit from Michigan, ontop or Red Hot Hockey in New York and then possibly an outdoor game. I don't see how it could get any better coming off of a National Championship year. What makes all of this more inticing is that none of the games on the BU schedule seem like they're going to be that far from Beantown.

However, "Judgement Day" (schedule release day) hasn't come yet and I can't drool and stare at the schedule.

What I can drool and stare at are the fall sports schedules which have all been released in the last couple of weeks:

Men's Soccer:
9/1 @ UMass
9/5 @ UConn
9/7 vs. Providence
9/11 @ Harvard
9/13 vs. St. John's
9/18 vs. BC
9/20 @ Columbia
9/23 vs. Holy Cross
9/26 @ Rhode Island
9/30 @ Brown
10/3 vs. Stony Brook
10/7 vs. UNH
10/10 @ Hartford
10/16 @ Binghamton
10/21 vs. UMBC
10/24 vs. Adelphi
10/28 @ UVM
10/31 @ Albany

Women's Soccer:
8/27 vs. Rhode Island
8/30 vs. UMass
9/2 @ BC
9/4 @ Loyola
9/6 @ WVU
9/11 @ UConn
9/13 vs. PSU (@ UConn)
9/18 @ Northeastern
9/20 vs. Harvard
9/24 vs. Dartmouth
9/27 vs. Binghamton
10/1 @ UNH
10/4 @ Maine
10/8 vs. Vermont
10/11 @ Albany
10/15 @ Stony Brook
10/18 vs. Hartford
10/21 vs. Bryant
10/25 vs. UMBC

Field Hockey:
8/28 @ Northwestern
8/29 vs. Maryland (@ Northwestern)
9/4 @ UMass
9/6 vs. Iowa (@ UMass)
9/12 vs. BC
9/13 vs. Northeastern
9/19 vs. Sacred Heart
9/20 @ Dartmouth
9/25 @ Virginia
9/27 @ Old Dominion
10/3 vs. Vermont
10/4 vs. Duke (@ BC)
10/10 @ Fairfield
10/14 @ Harvard
10/17 vs. UNH
10/21 @ UConn
10/24 vs. Albany
10/30 vs. Providence
11/1 @ Maine

Okay, so we have all these - the usual Terrier Tailgate, with the women's soccer team this time, a couple of TV games, tailgating for field hockey, which will be the new tailgating for football, and then what we know about the men's basketball schedule: an away game at UConn and the Puerto Rico tournament. I know where I'll be on my birthday (November 20th).

Factor in all these potential thrillers that the hockey team may be partaking in and you're looking at one of the most interesting and exciting years in recent Terrier athletic history.

Why is it only the beginning of June? It's such torture waiting for the year to come.