June 11, 2009

Women's Lax Blogging

I guess that all the recruiting/selling various goods/doing whatever they could to get my and your money finally paid off, because according to GoTerriers.com, the women's lax team was indeed in Australia and played some lacrosse. I think the real reason they were there, other than to partayyyyyyy, was to blog about their lives in order to give meaning to mine. Certrain members of the team wrote more than others, but here are the highlights with some commentary:

May 31: Xan Weitzel '10

G'Day From Australia!:

"After the long flight we were finally in Australia and made our way through customs, but don't worry, we still had another flight to get on. By this time I had no ankle bones and was very antsy."

I'm still trying to figure out what Xan means when she says she had no ankle bones.

June 4: Annie Stookesberry '12

Greetings from Down Under!

"Seven of us rented bikes for a few hours and rode up into North Head National Park where the steep vertical climb yielded a breathtaking view of the skyscrapers of Sydney across the harbor. Erica Baumgartner, who hadn't been on a bike for 10 years, even decided to make the trek into the park for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rachel Collins and I made a great team on a tandem bike, and I can say that it is something I will not soon forget."

I'm thinking/hoping a surrey was involved in this adventure.

June 3: Brittany Vieira '12


"The most picturesque and cliche thing happened as well. Some girls were out past the breakers sitting Big Kahuna style on their boards, and a rainbow appeared on the horizon. A RAINBOW! How perfect and cliche. Amazing. I was sitting there waiting for the meaning of life to pop up but it simply did not happen. Maybe next time we surf? Ha."

At least give it a ha-ha or lol, Brittany.

Now I sit and wait for the pictures to appear on Facebook.


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