June 11, 2009


Maybe it's his boyish good looks, maybe it's his subtle charm, or maybe it's the fact that he's just about everywhere (still waiting on Facebook though), because Coach Chambers broke the news himself that JOB will be returning to BU next year. I'm sure parts of the reason for coming back were the 'Great JOB' sign seen at the AE tournament, and my harsh criticisms, and, really, Chambers.

JOB dismissed the coach and the program, really:

“Coach Chambers explained to me what he wanted to do at BU the next few years and his vision for how this program will develop, what type of system we’ll run and how he saw me fitting into it,” O’Brien said of his meeting with Chambers. “I had this conversation, but my mind had already been set and there wasn’t too much he could say to sway me.”

But you can't give up on Chambers. He's never given up on himself and certainly didn't give up on Jake. I have to think Coach had a least some part in Jake's return.

I'm EXTREMELY happy Jake's going to be back next year. I'm sure the team is too, because this Terrier team quickly became (in my mind at least) the team to beat in the AEC (for yet another year).


J. Manuel said...

I'm booing him the first game and maybe every home game. yea he's good but way to stick your commitment, ass

Anonymous said...

You gonna boo the other transfers BU has, like Gary Correia and Tyler Morris, for not honoring their commitments either?

Anonymous said...

dont talk to manny like that!