June 2, 2009

Farewell To Brian Strait's Beautiful Facial Hair

It's been rumored and rumored some more that Brian Strait will be heading to the pro's next year and will forget about coming back as captain in his senior year.

No "official" sources have dropped this information yet, but it's all up on the USCHO boards, from a particular user who has really never been wrong. Strait's signed a 3-year deal at the next level.

Brian's always been one of my favorite Terriers. Ever since I saw him at the same orientation I was at in July of '06 - he was alpha-male-ing it in a USC hat in the front row of an information session while his hockey coach was addressing the eager to-be-freshmen. I couldn't help but watch his every move.

I always cheered hard for Strait and his impressive facial hair. It's clear he had the best beard on the team during the title run (even better than Gryba's). He really won my affection when he fell while skating out during opening introductions before (what I believe was) the first game of the season this past year. He was solid defensively game in, game out and always, always relaible (except that one mess up against UNH in the NCAA quarterfinals).

Anyways, one day we'll probably all be seeing Brian Strait on the first line of a defensive pairing in the NHL. Right now he's the property of the Pittsburgh Penguins, but I speak for Jesus too when I say, I hope he (and Gilroy) get traded to the Flyers. Best of luck, Brian, but let's be serious - you can't/won't fail.

One final question - if he does indeed leave (as rumored) will that mean Shatty is captain??

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Anonymous said...

I also can't believe Strait left for the pros. He could have followed in Matt Gilroy's path as a senior. Perhaps winning an NCAA title changed the landscape. Bummer for us. Let's go to Qdoba, get a bucket of beers to cry over this development.

I also heard a rumor that two copycats at BC (Sucks) want to be Zeus and Hermes to counter the dynamic BU duo. Some things never change. Go Terriers!!!