May 16, 2009

What happened to sports?

Averaging a reputable 5.6 posts per season, The HD&J blog has now taken over as the nation’s leading blog for NCAA Women’s Lacrosse. We’d like to proclaim our new moto: You Heard It Here First.

I’ll stop here to congratulate the Hot Dog and myself for such an accomplishment. This news is better than Jenny Taft’s headshot! Is that possible? I’ve already said too much.

We certainly haven’t made it big time yet, Steph Walker style. Sometimes I write about my best friends, too. Yeah, I went there.

What is the highlight of your lacrosse career? “Playing for Boston University, and every game when I pull on my BU jersey.”

I printed this Sarah Dalton quote out and put it in my intramural broomball team’s locker room. Between that piece of motivation, and how I wear my favorite BU hockey player’s number (4 for Ryan Ruikka, naturally), I don’t see how we could ever lose.

I'm not worthy.

As about 7 or 8 people know, the Women’s lacrosse team ended their title hopes Sunday with a heartbreaking 20-10 loss to Syracuse.

I’ve never been to the Carrier Dome over in upstate NY for a football or basketball game. Greg Paulus would know more about that than I do. I hear the games are nice, but it just wouldn’t be a BU sporting event if there was a packed house. So unnatural. I’d much rather see the 50,000 person Carrier Dome completely empty. What happens when 397 people show up to fill 50,000 seats? You hear my screaming voice a lot clearer. And all game long. It reminds me of my days at empty Dolphin Stadium, watching the Florida Marlins attempt to win with A-Rod’s salary split between forty players. Dan Uggla is such a white Ryan Howard.

Which stadium would you rather be in? Don't you dare lie to me.

But I digress. A lot. I should have known that after the AEC title game when (arguably, of course) the greatest two-person storming of the field that Nickerson Field ever experienced, it was only downhill from there.

The Hot Dog and I were on a bus heading to Philly to see our respective mothers on the holy Hallmark day that is Mother’s day when BU took the turf in NY. The constant text updates were no good. Regardless, I am ready to take a rather detailed petition to the NCAA to disallow games on such an important holiday. After all, I can play the sex card, right…? I like Title IX, too. They even have their own retail line. Things just got a little more serious.

An early exit in the NCAA tournament is rough, and for the first time I was not there to witness the final game of the season. Despite Sarah Dalton’s 5 goals to add to her record-breaking season (91 GOALS!!!11111ninetyone111!), the team couldn’t come within striking distance. I always wanted to see a 20-goal game, but not like this. NOT LIKE THIS. Then again, that's a lot of counting and broken frisbees.

But at least Dalton got a little good news the other day. Who cares about AEC player of the year when you get Vermont Female Athlete of the Month. If she lived in New Hampshire, well I wouldn’t even save space in this post for such an award. But Vermont, that’s a state right there.

Speaking of states, I’m surprised BU made it so far despite having a player from New Jersey on the roster. I went to Jersey’s finest beach last week, it was in tip-top shape.

I’ll keep my space across the boarder. I showered seventeen consecutive times after that trip.

Anyways, Coach Liz Robertshaw also took home AEC coach of the year this season as the awards just piled up. She once sent me an email. Former basketball coach Dennis Wolff could have learned something from (CURRENTLY EMPLOYED) Coach Robertshaw, and then I wouldn’t have had AD Mike Lynch fire him. Once again, I’ve said too much.

Unfortunately, I have to wait about 9 more months until Lax returns to Nickerson. February afternoon, 15 degree games are THE BEST. I was promised 007’s Quantum Of Solace this semester on the big screen, yet I never got it. February would be a good time for that, right?

We say goodbye to the last of the ’09 athlete senior class, but I think we may see more of the lacrosse team around HD&J award times. We'll see what the committee has to say about that.

In other relatively quick news: Congrats to Dave “Capeman” Barth, Kodjo Wilder, perfect human being John McCarthy, and a bunch of no-name athletes for receiving the scarlet key from BU. Advice: This is the first and last time BU actually gives something back to YOU. Enjoy and congrats.