April 14, 2009

I Still Can't Get Over It

My God, where to begin? There's so much I need to cover and I don't know if there are enough hours in the day to write about it all.

First thing's first: Our 2009 BU Dance Team Tournament Winner is Emily Plucinak:

Emily won in similar fashion to the BU hockey team - by only one (vote), in the waning second of the tournament. So, for the tournament, the past 2 winners have been seniors.

Congratulations to Emily and all of her loyal fans.

Now, the winner of the Dance Team tournament bracket, with only two incorrect picks:


Zalman dominated this thing from Day 2 on. No one was really close to coming close to Zalman's picks, but here's how the rest of the top 10 looked:

2. Hot Dog
3. Professor Magee
4. Jesus
5. Greg
T5. Phil Rex
7. Tim Fitzpatrick
8. Zach Farnsworth
T8. Luciano Fraioli
T8. Matt Cooper
11. Manny Dotel
12.. Paul Kresge

Thank you for participating and we look forward (kind of) to doing it all again next year.

I'm going to post a complete rundown of everything that went down in DC. From the 3 am drunken walks around the National Mall, to the Newsuem, to the most epic sporting event I've ever been a part of. You'll get it all. I need to really collect myself for that one.

One thing that was so marvelous about being in DC on the national stage, was the huge amount of attention Jesus and I got. I can't deny, my ego swelled with the more and more people that came up and talked to the Christman and myself. I'm going to try to post as many links/stories/pictures as I can from the weekend, but there were plenty:

Yahoo Sports and the Puck Daddy blog
: Boy was he intrigued/confused what on earth was going on with us. At first he just got a picture of us, then he asked us if this was a common thing, to which we replied, "of course." Then he was all like, "this is too good, I have to interview you two on camera." The rest is history.

Then there was the DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinhert who found us during the semifinal.

He was baffled by what was going on, and was one rare reporter who didn't care to know our names. Instead he focused on the religious aspects of Jesus, with some very good writing.

He was there during the final and I told him the only thing I could think of after the Championship game:

"This is the best moment of my life. I can't think of anything that tops this."

He also got a snapshot of me, mid tears in the eyes:

BU Today followed Jesus and I very closely, in what I have to call, a tremendously done three part series. Every time I rewatch and listen to it, and get the sounds of the game, I really just bring myself right back to the Verizon Center - a place I could really live the rest of my life in and be happy.

I can't count the number of people who took pictures with us in DC. It was a lot. One was Assistant Dean Darryl DeLuca, who caught me looking like a 12-year old boy:

Then there was Matty Gilroy - one of the nicest BU athletes I've ever encountered:

We're too overjoyed.

This picture is being saved for eternity and it's all courtesy of Darryl Deluca. What's even better is, seconds after this thing was taken, Jesus suggested Matt sign with the Flyers, to which he responded, "I am definitely going to consider it."

The Verizon Center liked our band/the flag during the National Anthem:

Alright, I'm get sick of whoring myself out and looking at my boy-ish face. More from DC coming soon.

So for all that, here's a sweet Brian Strait fu-man-chu.

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