April 1, 2009

I need a quick BUDT Break

As the competitors of the BUDT Tournament receive a day off after a very competitive first round, we shift our focus over the next 8 hours to what we've missed in the last week of BU Sports. Be sure to compulsively check back at midnight, however, as voting resumes in the Rachel Scott vs. Lauren St. Germain matchup.

Last year the First Annual BUDT Tournament was created because we were bored out of our minds. The hockey team made me want to kill myself several times (cause of death changed on a week-to-week basis), and the men's basketball team had an extremely early exit from the conference tournament after being predicted preseason #1 (sounds familiar, doesn't it). Nonetheless, we were bored and we needed some action.

This year was a little different. We wanted to keep the BUDT tradition, but at the same time...WE MADE THE FROZEN FOURRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!11111111!!1.

OMGzzzzz. I'm pretty sure Shatty's stash single-handedly won the regional for us.

Regardless, April 1st is an off day in the tournament as we let our competitors rest, so why not discuss a little hockey?


That logo is just so damn hot right now. But not as hot as this picture:

That's Jason Lawrence's game-winning "goal" with 14.4 seconds left. I still give all the credit to Jerry Pollastrone. I think he was getting tired of Umile, he wanted his season to end ASAP. But I guess our season keeps going.

And so begins the playoff beard. I look pretty similar considering I've been growing it out since I got to campus in '06, but in all seriousness, we have no shot if I decide to take a razor to my face right now. Just take a look at the Hot Dog currently:

Sometimes good things come with sacrifice...

The Hot Dog and I both realized we had worn the same exact outfit to both games of the regional, leaving W's across the board. The next step? I clearly can't wash that outfit until the season is over. It has left a very nice mound of layers in my room:

Yeah that's right. Everything down to shoes, socks, and boxers. My advice if you see me down in D.C. - Don't come near me, it won't be pretty. We've come too far to care about hygiene right now, I'm doing this for all of you fans out there.

Anyways, the bracket is down to four. And we get to play our second straight Hockey East opponent in the UVM Catamounts. I don't even know what to say considering the three games we've had against them this season:

11/1/08 @ UVM 7-2W
11/21/08 @BU 3-4L
11/22/08 @BU 3-4L

Notice that none of these games were played in the last 4 months. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, even though UVM provided a weekend from hell in that Nov. 21-22 weekend series, these three games mean absolutely nothing. I consider it a fresh slate for both teams.

In this situation, however, the 11 days each coach has to prepare their teams and watch marathons of game tape on their opponent is the most essential part of this matchup. And at the end of the day, can you really pick against Jack Parker in this situation?

I can't imagine he had good things to say to his team after the UNH game where we walked away with a W but were grossly outplayed. The game reminded me of the 06-07 team almost player-for-player, and had Kieran Millan not looked like Johnny Curry out there, UNH could have easily had 3 or 4 more goals. Parker was surprisingly happy (or at least not extremely angry) in his quotes in the game's recap:

“UNH took the game completely away in the second period,” said Parker. “They dominated but came up with only one goal because our goaltender played fabulous.”

It's not as good as my favorite Parker quote ever which, coincidentally, was said in response to our 0-2 weekend against Vermont in November:

“To state the obvious, Vermont came in here and ate our lunch this weekend,” Parker said. “They came in and got four points and dominated us in a bunch of different ways. They came in and dictated how the game had to be played on both nights, even more so tonight, I thought.

Don't piss this man off. BU will come to play this time around. 11 days is a long time. And if Bemidji St can keep up their outrageous run in the tournament and win the 5pm Thursday game, I can only hope to see a Bemidji-BU matchup in the finals. How can you not laugh at that thought...I mean, is Bemidji State a real school?...do they go to class?


I still don't believe it. Notice that the initials are BSu.

Go Terriers. I leave you with this:

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