April 19, 2009

The End of Glorious Year

Last night the Hot Dog and I were fortunate enough to attend the end of the year BU Men's Ice Hockey Banquet. I (and I'm sure on behalf of the dog) would certainly like to thank our friend and season ticket holder Al for hooking us up with just about every event necessary in order to make for one hell of a season.

Anyways, the banquet was a rather interesting event, including the award ceremony and announcement of the new captains.

I can't say I was surprised with any award. Three hours later, all I could think about was next season. Here are the awards:

Ed Carpenter Award for Player leading the team in scoring: Colin Wilson

I don't think anyone wanted to see him in a Predators jersey so soon. Word on the street is that he doesn't like playing in April, so he decided to sign with the Predators and get those early vacations in the next few years. No, I'm not bitter. I just don't like this picture.

Kevin T. Mutch Award for best performance in BU-BC series: John McCarthy

Regina Eilberg Scholarship to player with highest standards of athletic and academic performance: Joe Pereira

Joe's opening quote: Well, I guess I'm gonna be tutoring the boys for finals
He's done a few publicly hilarious things over his past two years here. Here is the one that started it all in November:

Wait til the end to see Eric Gryba and Joey P in rather revealing village people clothing. Six months later...I'm still freaked out.

Last night, the end of the year video montage began with a clip of him in the hospital after he ruptured his own spleen in the Hockey East title game, urging the team to make it to DC without him. I couldn't tell you how motivational it was for the team, but I could tell you that I was one of the only spectators histerically laughing. Thank god we've got two more years with this guy.

Clifford P. Fitzgerald Scholarship for most outstanding junior or senior defenseman: Brian Strait

Bennett McInnis Spirit Award: Steve Smolinsky

Most Improved Player Award: Zach Cohen
What used to be perhaps the most entertainment on the ice freshman and sophomore years has now turned into one of the biggest keys in our offense. We coined the penalty "2 minutes for skating like Zach Cohen" in the last few years. I think now, especially with a post-season that saw a huge goal against BC in the HE finals (the first of the 3 goal outburst) and another goal in the finals, Z improved beyond anything a fan could ask for, Jeff Garcia circa Philadelphia Eagles style.

Those were some good days.

The Friends Albert Sidd Unsung Hero Award: John McCarthy

George V. Brown Most Valuable Player Award: Matt Gilroy
I think the banquet lost an extra hour due to everyone constantly naming all the awards he won. It was painful, yet so glorious. Almost everything about this guy is commendable, except perhaps one thing:

I cringe every time I see that. The man wouldn't even take my career advice and sign with the Flyers. I was outraged. Parker must have mentioned how Gilroy is a "newly made millionaire" and how he signed with an NHL team at least 5 times. Wilson got no love for his early exit, and no one mentioned how he won't be returning next season, except for his in his speech when he said "It's been a good two years." A lesson to those kids out there: Jack Parker will be all over you if you don't get that degree.

Lastly, the captains were announced, and apparently our two leaders next season were completely unanimous: Brian Strait and Kevin 'Stache Shattenkirk. With facial hair like both of these two, the sky is the limit.

Playoffs beards are a vital point of leadership. You need the beard carrying you when your legs come out from under you in triple OT.

The dessert: Going out on top

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Great year. So long Colin :(