April 15, 2009

Congrats, Jack

While the Hot Dog covered the trip to a lovely (borderline stalker) extent, it seems like even days after the championship, things just keep rolling.

BU completes their "perfect" season by sweeping all awards and tournament wins as of yesterday when Coach Jack Parker took home the Penrose Award for National Coach(ing Staff) of the Year.

Congrats to the Coach on a special season. Athletic Director Mike Lynch (ADML) announced the award Tuesday at the championship parade. The parade looked something like this:

Nah I'm just kidding, that was the Phillies parade back in '08. But BU's parade was just as good in my opinion. OMG we finally made USCHO. I'm so proud of myself.

But this is more like what it looked like:

Fans actually flooding INTO Comm Ave. Such a beautiful sight.

But apparently it didn't please everyone. People today, I tell ya. Can't a guy just close down the city for a day, here and, say, every 14 years? This lack of pride shouldn't really surprise a BU student if he/she has attended this school for anymore than 3 weeks.

And sorry to continue my pictures of comparison, but nothing is as beautiful as this picture:

That's what MY MVP looks like. Compare your MVP to mine...and kill mine.

I leave you with this:


Anonymous said...

There's a great letter in the Free Press online today in response to the wet blanket of a human being's complaint of the parade

The Hot Dog said...

I saw that and couldn't agree more. It made me very angry reading the original letter. The kid is clearly communist and unappreciative of anything BU related.