April 1, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: West Region: Second Round: #21 Rachel Scott vs. #12 Lauren St. Germain

Oh, it's on. Second round action is back and we're not taking a break until we peace out this biatch for DC. No use dilly-dallying, let's get right to it.

First, the current bracket:

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And the super awesome zoomed in version of today's match:
Now the moment you've been waiting for: the ladiez:

#21 Rachel Scott

Name: Rachel Scott
Number: 21
Hometown: Unadilla, New York (Population 1,051)
Education: CAS '11 - International Relations/Journalism
Dance Background: First discovered dance at the age of six when her parents enrolled her in class at A Class Act School of Dance in Sidney, New York. Rachel received training in jazz, tap, and lyrical for ten years until the studio closed. After taking a year off, Rachel joined a new studio, Precision Dance Arts Academy (Oneonta, NY) where she was introduced to modern technique. She joined the DT as a freshman having never before considered dancing in college.
Favorite BUDT Memory: One of her fondest memories was competing at Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Interesting Fact: Has choreographed a sick-nasty hip-hop routine in memory of the now retired "Booty" dance.
Fun Fact: Nickname is Scottie.
BUDT Tournament Record: 1-1

This all comes from Rachel's provided bio from the BUDT website.

Let's see, where to being with the first-round bye, Rachel Scott? How about this - Rachel is an All-American this year, in her first attempt at achieving the award. It's said that Rachel wears the medal she won to bed every single night. That must get extremely uncomfortable if you ask me. But hey, she's got some pride in that gold/silver/bronze/whatever it may be.

Word is Rachel is incredibly smart. It's been rumored that she is choosing to graduate early because her brain is just far superior for the BU curriculum. I believe it - she's majoring in both Journalism and IR!

One of Rachel's hidden talents is her supreme ability to "creep on people." Now this isn't a bad thing and I don't want you to be thrown off by this. Let me give you the backstory: Jesus and I worked as brand representatives for Mountain Dew last year. Our job was to run events that promoted the new Mountain Dew flavors.

At one event we got the BUDT there as eye candy and to draw more people to our table set up at the GSU.

Well, one thing led to another and everyone got a little bored/restless. Rachel and Jesus decided it would be a better use of our time to take pictures, not of people enjoying the new flavors, but instead being creeped on by Rachel:

Uncanny abilities and thoroughly entertaining, even a year later.

Beyond that we need to talk about her nickname: Scottie. No one on the team calls her anything but Scottie. I just have to say, I'm a little freaked out. Scottie is what you call your 4 year-old cousin, or any young boy for that matter. You don't call someone like this:

Scottie. Or you do if you are on the BUDT. I am not, so I will not call her Scottie. Do what you want though.

Finally, Rachel is part Cherokee Indian. If you feel bad about The Trail of Tears or anything else like that, give your vote to Rachel.

Here are some more pictures of Rachel to aid you in your decision:

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Her competition:
#12 Lauren St. Germain

Name: Lauren St. Germain
Number: 12
Hometown: Holden, MA
Education: CAS '12 - Biology
Dance Background: Danced at the Diane Kelley Dance Studio and was on the competition team for nine years, studying ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and modern.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Getting to meet everyone and having Twitch touch her when the team got to warm up with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance? This is said to be the culmination of her life.
Interesting Fact: Has an extremely crazy laugh that you can hear from miles away and she tends to explode during practice.
Fun Fact: Has "St." as part of her name.
BUDT Tournament Record: 1-0

This all comes from her provided bio which can be found on the BUDT website.

Lauren started off the Freshmen domination with a statement: by beating BUDT treasurer Kate Stanton.

LSG - what can be said that hasn't already?

Lauren's laugh is....it's...umm...how do I describe it. Hmm, perhaps...alright, fine, it's similar to this Australian Price Is Right contestant's:

Maybe not that bad, but it's distinctive. It's really not that bad after the first 30 seconds, and you'll start laughing shortly after if you ever hear her do so.

Lauren took part in FYSOP - the first year student outreach program, where she gave back to those in need and in turn got to move into her Warren Tower dorm room about a week early.

Look how hard Lauren worked. I don't know which program she was part of - she could've helped elders, children, disabilities, gender focus, HIV/AIDS, homelessness and housing, human rights, hunger, or environment. I'm leaning towards homelessness for no particular reason. You make up your own answer to which issue area she tackled.

Enough rambling, here are some more pictures of LSG:

This tournament is getting hotter and hotter and harder and harder. To decide who should win. Vote wisely, it's all in your control.

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