April 1, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: Day Off

So after A-Roid Rod dominates KGB, winning by 31 votes. Get this, the Class of 2010 has won by an average of 30 votes! I don't know if anyone saw that coming. Here's the updated bracket:

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All the girls in Reno, NV and beautiful Savannah, GA have been competing oh-so-hard. That mud wrestling cage match and driving competition have been especially tiring on the lovely ladies.

So we're giving them a day off. And us a day off. We need to catchup with school work. (April Fools!)

Freshman in the BUDT Tournament are 8-0 in the first round all time!! That's crazy. In the Second Round Freshies are 1-2. We'll see what happens. One of them is guaranteed to be in the Final 4.

This year (First Round):
Freshmen: 5-0
Sophomores: 0-0
Juniors: 0-5!!!
Seniors: 1-1

The Class of 2010 is 2-8 all time in the tournament. Class of 09: 3-4. Class of 2011 (who has yet to play in this years tournament) 4-3, but all that remains from that class since last year is first-round bye, Rachel Scott (1-1).

KGB is 0-2 in the tournament all time :( This saddens me.

Back to voting tomorrow, but for now here are the Top 10 leaders in the BUDT pool:

1. Zalman B
2. Tim Fitzpatrick
T2. Greg Huntoon
T2. Hot Dog
5. Jesus
T5. Professor Magee
T5. Phil Rex
8. Manny Dotel
T8. Paul Kresge
10. Matt Cooper
T10. Luciano Fraioli
T10. Zach Farsnworth

The winner gets a free Bracketology course courtesy of Professor Magee.

Hopefully the doc gets his act together cause he's losing to me!!1! And overall leader Zalman B who has a near perfect bracket.

Enjoy your day off from voting.

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