April 3, 2009

Boston University Dance Team: West Region Second Round: #25 Nicole Farin vs. #33 Katrina Bucu

Half the field has now been set for the "Cheyenne Showdown," as Professor Magee so wonderfully stated. Gia Russo wins a close one over Jenna to the move on.

Where did all the voters go? I heard most of them are already on their way to Cheyenne. It's great to have such feisty fans. So why not get to our next matchup:

Tonight we have two freshmen battling off as Nicole Farin matches up with Katrina Bucu. How will Farin respond after taking out tournament favorite Jorie Larson? I have no idea.

#25 Nicole Farin

Her life story was stated here, in her first round matchup post.

And here is the bio:

Nicole Farin, a freshman on the Boston University Dance Team, is from Clinton, New Jersey. She is 18 years old, in the College of General Studies, and is undecided about her major. Nicole started dancing at the age of four at the Eleanor Connell School of Dance in Annandale, New Jersey, where she took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. She switched dance schools at the age of seven and began taking recreational classes at Broadway Bound Dance Center in Lebanon, New Jersey. She made the competition team there at the age of eight and competed in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and pointe in various competitions in the tri-state area. In high school, Nicole was on the North Hunterdon High School Dance Team and was captain her junior and senior years. The team performed at the school's basketball games and the Teen Arts talent shows in April every year. Nicole is excited for the whole BUDT experience and sisterhood bonding and can not wait for Nationals in Daytona! Nicole's favorite colors are olive green and lavender and her best friend is her one-year-old Yorkie, Baxter. Her favorite drink is hot tea with honey, and her favorite place to be is the Jersey shore!

BUDT's very own CGS student. Give her a pat on the back next time you see her walking down Comm Ave. Nicole was picked by 10% of the brackets in our pool to win it all. That's a decimal of .1. Fascinating.

Apparently her little sister inspired her to dance at age 4. "We were in the sandbox, I was 4, she was 2," says Farin. "And I looked over at her and saw the plastic shovel, the way it bent around those particles of sand in utter flimsiness. That's when I knew: I wanted to dance."

I've never seen Nicole without a smile on her face, except for that damn posed picture below. She and Luciano Fraioli are the only two known cases of the Luciano Fraioli Smiling Disease, more popularly known as LFSD. The jury's out on a remedy for such a case, but I'm planning on starting a fundraising website. Look for www.TurnTheSmileUpsideDown.com to hit the internet by storm.

Let's look at the pictures:

And to her competition:

#33 Katrina Bucu

More on Katrina in here first round matchup.

In the comments section of that matchup marks the first time in tournament history that someone has actually attempted to hit on a dance team member BY LEAVING A COMMENT. This guy's got some game:

"Katrina is beautiful!
we are far ...
but I would start a friendship ...

My name is Sergio Melo

Blog: sergiom3.blogspot.com
Orkut: http://www.orkut.com.br/Main # Profile.aspx? Uid = 9637282284193352075 & rl = t

msn: serju_m3@hotmail.com

I would like a response"


Last week she took down Captain Allie Bradley. I heard the captain made Bucu do 2 hours of ice suicides at Agganis Arena for such a defeat. Sore loser.

Katrina is perhaps best known for wearing Hobey Baker finalist Colin Wilson's jersey number. At least that's how she's best known...to me. This is what I see whenever I look over her way:

Is that weird? Whatever WE MADE THE FROZEN FOUR!!!!!1111onetwothree

Here are the pics:

Vote long. Vote hard. Damn right.


Sérgio, Rumo á Câmara Municipal de COARI - 2012 said...

Gostei da montagem!
creio que os BRASILeiros fazem melhor!
Mas como já disse posteriormente "KATRINA BACU" es a linda do grupo.
e que mal há em ter uma amizade pela Internet:?

dane-se e não souber o Português BR

sou mas o Palavrões Brasileiros!



isso sim são palavrões!

Sérgio Melo

Sérgio, Rumo á Câmara Municipal de COARI - 2012 said...