April 5, 2009

Boston University Dance Team: West Region Final: #21 Rachel Scott vs. #25 Nicole Farin

And here we are in beautiful Cheyenne Civic Center for the BUDT final four.

Such a cozy arena for a cozy competition.

This is what the last 11 days has brought us, and my god has it brought us some entertainment. Let's see the bracket.

Tonight's matchup is the West Region final, as #21 Rachel Scott battles Freshman Sensation #25 Nicole Farin.

#21 Rachel Scott

Here is Rachel's second round matchup.

I was recently informed that Rachel is recovering from a head injury. In the intense practices leading up to the BUDT national's performance later this week, Captain Allie Bradley kicked Rachel in the head, causing a mild concussion. She claims it was unintentional, but I have my own thoughts. Thankfully, I caught photographic evidence of the incident:

No wonder she lost in the first round. That is low. Hopefully Rachel is on her way to a healthy recovery.

Here is her bio:

Rachel Scott hails from Unadilla, New York (population 1,051), and is currently a sophomore at Boston University. She first discovered dance at the age of six when her parents enrolled her in classes at A Class Act School of Dance in Sidney, New York. Rachel received training in jazz, tap, and lyrical for ten years until the studio closed. After taking a year off, Rachel joined a new studio, Precision Dance Arts Academy (Oneonta, New York) where she was introduced to modern technique. Rachel graduated at the top of her class from Unatego High School. Rachel joined the Boston University Dance Team as a freshman having never before considered dancing in college. While on the team, an old nickname from elementary school, “Scottie,” resurfaced, and hence, she has come to be known as “Scottie” to all within the spectrum of BUDT. At her first NDA camp, she received All-American recognition and wears the medal she won to bed every night. Rachel is now pursuing a degree in International Relations, as well as Journalism. Being on the team again this year, Rachel is looking forward to nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida, because last year’s trip is one of her fondest memories of BUDT. She hopes to be a major contributor this year, and is currently working on a sick-nasty hip-hop routine in memory of the now retired “Booty” dance, may it rest in peace.

What a novel. She just has too much to say.

Here is the photographic evidence for Rachel:

And now on to the competition:

#25 Nicole Farin

As stated in the last matchup, Nicole suffers from LFSD (Luciano Fraioli Smiling Disease). If you are interested in donating to the advancement of research in this area, please email me ASAP. Is there anything left to say after the last two matchups? Nicole first took down tournament favorite Jorie Larson in the first round, and then proceeded to drop Portuguese favorite Katrina Bucu to punch her ticket to Wyoming. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Here is her bio:

Nicole Farin, a freshman on the Boston University Dance Team, is from Clinton, New Jersey. She is 18 years old, in the College of General Studies, and is undecided about her major. Nicole started dancing at the age of four at the Eleanor Connell School of Dance in Annandale, New Jersey, where she took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. She switched dance schools at the age of seven and began taking recreational classes at Broadway Bound Dance Center in Lebanon, New Jersey. She made the competition team there at the age of eight and competed in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and pointe in various competitions in the tri-state area. In high school, Nicole was on the North Hunterdon High School Dance Team and was captain her junior and senior years. The team performed at the school's basketball games and the Teen Arts talent shows in April every year. Nicole is excited for the whole BUDT experience and sisterhood bonding and can not wait for Nationals in Daytona! Nicole's favorite colors are olive green and lavender and her best friend is her one-year-old Yorkie, Baxter. Her favorite drink is hot tea with honey, and her favorite place to be is the Jersey shore!

Nicole Farin: The best thing to ever come out of the armpit of America, New Jersey. Let's hope incoming freshman basketball recruit BJ Bailey disproves my theory.

Here are the pics:

VOTE AWAY. And I mean that literally...all the votes have gone away. Why?!?! Vote now.


Anonymous said...

being in CGS = automatic deduction in my book

Steph said...

This tournament disgusting and a waste of a popular blog outlet.

Zalman B said...

More importantly Steph, who did you vote for?

Marcus said...

1) you love your photoshop i mean candid cameras
2) "This tournament disgusting," Steph said, beating her chestoutside her cave, as fellow neanderthals gathered around to hear her bitch.