April 4, 2009

Boston Dance Team Tournament: Second Round: East Region

What the hell happened?

First round we were getting close to 200 votes each matchup. Now we're lucky if we get 50. Some are hypothesizing that the Freshman's early round victories killed the tournament. People are saying they simply recruited their friends as to avoid a first round exit; once they made it to round two the desire to win dissipated and the voting numbers all but disappeared.

Regardless, this thing must go on, no matter how much I've begun to hate taking hours upon hours out of my day and doing endless research on these women. Call it stalking if you will, but there has yet to be a restraining order slapped on me. In any states in the (contingent) US.

Nicole Farin will be the lone Freshman representative (so far) in the Final 4, joining Rachel Scott, Gia Russo, and one more yet to be named Dancer.

Here is a zoomed in look at today's competitors:


And let's learn about these lovely ladies a little more.

#1 Emily Plucinak

Name: Emily Plucinak
Number: 1
Hometown: Excelsior, MN
Education: CAS '09 - Broadcast Journalism/Political Science
Dance Background: Has been dancing since she was two years old. She has taken classes at and competed with Dance Arts Center in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen Dance and Performing Arts Center, and the Dance Shoppe in Plymouth, Minn. Although Emily was trained in jazz, tap, ballet and lyrical styles, she has recently found a special place in her heart for NDA style pom and hip-hop
Favorite BUDT Memory: Her favorite dance team memories are from Nationals in Daytona, Fla. competing in (and winning!) Challenge Cup twice, the adrenaline rush of dancing at finals, and spending time with the team on the beach and at the pool
Interesting Fact: Studying broadcast journalism and political science and hopes to work as a political reporter or a press secretary in Washington, D.C.
Fun Fact: Her smile cures AIDS.
BUDT Tournament Record: 2-1

This all comes from Emily's provided bio on the BUDT site.

Emily is one hell of a cook. Not only did she host an Easter dinner that Jesus and I were invited to last year, but she makes these things called "Special K Bars" that are as good to the touch as they are to the taste.

Beyond that what you need to know about Emily are three things: I once tried to bring a sign to a BU basketball game that said, "Emily you put the ASS in FANTASSTIC." I flashed this sign once and was told not to bring it out again. Of course, since rules were meant to be broken, I flashed it once more. It was taken away by everyone's favorite "Alan":

I expected this, but at least I got Emily to show those pearly whites. And some cheap laughs.

Secondly, she is Jesus' perennial date at any Dance Team party (he paid me to mention that). I keep hearing rumors of matching outfits for the Spring party?!?!!1!

Might I suggest something like this:

Thaz hot!

And finally, Facebook is quickly going out of date. It's not that cool anymore. I mean, to spice it up, I've even made my default picture this:

This may or may not be an accurate looking Hot Dog right now.

Regardless, Emily is keeping FB in style, just like me. Her favorite music is listed:

Sounds like a Jason Lawrence pregame iPod playlist.

Anyways, the bombshell, her interests:

It doesn't get better than that, does it? Dudes, beer, hockey: 'nuff said.

Here are some more pictures of Plucinak:

Her compitition:

#24 Angela Rodriguez

Name: Angela Rodriguez
Number: 24
Hometown: Wethersfield, CT
Education: SED '12 - Elementary Education
Dance Background: Has been dancing for 12 years now and has done jazz, ballet, hip-hop, tap, modern, lyrical, and dance team. She was on her high school dance team for four years and is excited to be part of a college dance team at BU.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Warming up with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance and touching Twitch
Interesting Fact: Has performed in Tomorrowland in Disneyworld twice.
Fun Fact: Nickname is "Jeezy."
BUDT Tournament Record: 1-0

This all comes from Angela's provided bio on the BUDT website.

As Jesus went into last time Angela competed, she's a dancer with multiple nicknames. While the DT calls her "Jeezy," I much prefer A-Rod. It's so much easier to say, and let's be honest, far superior to a nickname with a "J." I mean, COME ON, where is there even a "J" in her name?

Angela's favorite song is "Come to My Window," by Melissa Etheridge. I correctly guessed this during the trip to Albany for the (disappointing) America East tournament. I guessed this on top of attempting to forget the memories of the game earlier in the day with various liquids.

Anyways, Angela says she likes the soothing melodies of Etheridge and the epic chorus. She said the song also reminds her of her favorite (current) BU basketball player, Jake O'Brien. The reason? She claims he's so tall he could "Come to her window," without aid of a stepping ladder or any other mechanism. I wouldn't be shocked if "Jeezy" lived on the first floor, making that "come to my window" dream a reality with relative ease.

And come on, A-Rod does look like a sweet girl who would love "Come to My Window." I must admit jamming out to the song to get pumped for women's basketball games.

Here are some more pictures of A-Rod:

Go and get your vote on. This thing's almost over!


Jesus said...

Notice how jacked I look. I was on my game that day.

Anonymous said...

A TIE!?!?!



Anonymous said...

And magically it re-opened and another vote appeared... FUDGED VOTES!

What a sham this tournament has turned out to be.