April 29, 2009

Finals Period = Some Time Off

It's Finals time, meaning anything BU sports related that Jesus and I probably want to write about will be put on hold. Don't worry, I'm done next Wednesday, so I'll have plenty to say anytime after that.

Apologies all around. We'll be back.

April 23, 2009


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Angry Dartmouth Dad Is Angry

Honestly, to me, half the thrill about being so passionate at sporting events are encountering those rare occasions in which I'm nearly accosted.

This has happened quite often, but two instances that stand out strongly in my memory have both come during women's sporting events.

What's even stranger is they've both happened when BU teams are playing against schools from New Hampshire. Coincidence? I think not.

Jesus has already touched on one of these encounters. The other happened last night.

Now, really, when a father or an older person, or anyone really, comes up to me or Jesus or our group of fans and tries to heckle us it's just a terrible idea. It's such a bad idea because it only motivates us more to continue being so passionate, and it proves to us that we've had some effect on the game/players/crowd.

Anyways, last night at Nickerson Field I arrived at halftime to find the women's lacrosse team up 9-2 on Dartmouth. It was wet, rainy, and overall, pretty miserable. Regardless, I was there and I decided to make the most of it.

After every BU goal the Loyal Crew and I proceeded with out post goal celebrations, which go something like this:

1. Count 1 through the number of goals BU has scored.
2. Count 1 through the number of goals BU has scored faster.
3. Yell "sieve" however many of times BU has scored.
4. Scream in elation.

So we do this for every goal BU scores in the second half. I think it was after goal 14, in the middle of the game we hear someone behind us counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9."

I immediately assume it's a BU dad, just doing it at the wrong time. Right as I turn around to see who this person is I hear, "jerks, jerks, jerks, jerks." Now, to no surprise, it's a Dartmouth supporter - decked out in green and looking like he's well in his 40s or 50s.

If I recall correctly, he looked something like this

All of us who are there start laughing at this pathetic attempt to heckle us. We start jeering with him and he says, "I'd like to see you out there." This statement is directed at me, since I'm at the end of the row. I respond, "I wouldn't be allowed, this is a woman's sport - I'M A MAN!" He then says I should put on a skirt and he walks away. REAL MATURE!

Within, I would say, 20 seconds we do our goal count celebration again, just to rub it in a little bit more.

None of us can really get over what just happened. We loved the encounter with this angry, angry man, who we assumed was the father of the Dartmouth goalie.

We continued to do our goal celebration cheer for the last Terrier goal, then proceeded with Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part II for the last two minutes.

Seriously, it's the dumbest possible thing you could do as an opposing teams player's father to try to heckle or s-talk us. We're college students with little regard for authority and no respect for fathers who try to take something like a GOAL CELEBRATION CHANT into their own hands.

After the game ended all the Terrier dads thanked us for coming and appreciated our support.

Boy, do I love crazy New Hampshire fathers.

Finally, Sarah Dalton is an unstoppable force. I'm confident in saying she is the most dominate BU athlete I have seen in any sport this year. More so than Colin Wilson. She is absurd and I could see her carrying this Terrier team deep in the tournament.

BU returns to the Nick on Saturday at 1 against UMBC.

April 22, 2009

Nick @ Nite

There was supposed to be an epic lacrosse game/movie night on Nickerson tomorrow night, but the weather is disagreeing.

Regardless, the game's still going to happen and there will still be plenty of give aways. Like these HOT shirts:

In addition there's going to be a frisbee toss at the end of the game for JetBlue vouchers. It's like chuck-a-puck, but hopefully easier.

Anyways, come out and GIT SUM! Oh, and while you're at it, vote for Sarah Dalton for player of the year in the America East.

April 19, 2009

The End of Glorious Year

Last night the Hot Dog and I were fortunate enough to attend the end of the year BU Men's Ice Hockey Banquet. I (and I'm sure on behalf of the dog) would certainly like to thank our friend and season ticket holder Al for hooking us up with just about every event necessary in order to make for one hell of a season.

Anyways, the banquet was a rather interesting event, including the award ceremony and announcement of the new captains.

I can't say I was surprised with any award. Three hours later, all I could think about was next season. Here are the awards:

Ed Carpenter Award for Player leading the team in scoring: Colin Wilson

I don't think anyone wanted to see him in a Predators jersey so soon. Word on the street is that he doesn't like playing in April, so he decided to sign with the Predators and get those early vacations in the next few years. No, I'm not bitter. I just don't like this picture.

Kevin T. Mutch Award for best performance in BU-BC series: John McCarthy

Regina Eilberg Scholarship to player with highest standards of athletic and academic performance: Joe Pereira

Joe's opening quote: Well, I guess I'm gonna be tutoring the boys for finals
He's done a few publicly hilarious things over his past two years here. Here is the one that started it all in November:

Wait til the end to see Eric Gryba and Joey P in rather revealing village people clothing. Six months later...I'm still freaked out.

Last night, the end of the year video montage began with a clip of him in the hospital after he ruptured his own spleen in the Hockey East title game, urging the team to make it to DC without him. I couldn't tell you how motivational it was for the team, but I could tell you that I was one of the only spectators histerically laughing. Thank god we've got two more years with this guy.

Clifford P. Fitzgerald Scholarship for most outstanding junior or senior defenseman: Brian Strait

Bennett McInnis Spirit Award: Steve Smolinsky

Most Improved Player Award: Zach Cohen
What used to be perhaps the most entertainment on the ice freshman and sophomore years has now turned into one of the biggest keys in our offense. We coined the penalty "2 minutes for skating like Zach Cohen" in the last few years. I think now, especially with a post-season that saw a huge goal against BC in the HE finals (the first of the 3 goal outburst) and another goal in the finals, Z improved beyond anything a fan could ask for, Jeff Garcia circa Philadelphia Eagles style.

Those were some good days.

The Friends Albert Sidd Unsung Hero Award: John McCarthy

George V. Brown Most Valuable Player Award: Matt Gilroy
I think the banquet lost an extra hour due to everyone constantly naming all the awards he won. It was painful, yet so glorious. Almost everything about this guy is commendable, except perhaps one thing:

I cringe every time I see that. The man wouldn't even take my career advice and sign with the Flyers. I was outraged. Parker must have mentioned how Gilroy is a "newly made millionaire" and how he signed with an NHL team at least 5 times. Wilson got no love for his early exit, and no one mentioned how he won't be returning next season, except for his in his speech when he said "It's been a good two years." A lesson to those kids out there: Jack Parker will be all over you if you don't get that degree.

Lastly, the captains were announced, and apparently our two leaders next season were completely unanimous: Brian Strait and Kevin 'Stache Shattenkirk. With facial hair like both of these two, the sky is the limit.

Playoffs beards are a vital point of leadership. You need the beard carrying you when your legs come out from under you in triple OT.

The dessert: Going out on top

April 15, 2009

Congrats, Jack

While the Hot Dog covered the trip to a lovely (borderline stalker) extent, it seems like even days after the championship, things just keep rolling.

BU completes their "perfect" season by sweeping all awards and tournament wins as of yesterday when Coach Jack Parker took home the Penrose Award for National Coach(ing Staff) of the Year.

Congrats to the Coach on a special season. Athletic Director Mike Lynch (ADML) announced the award Tuesday at the championship parade. The parade looked something like this:

Nah I'm just kidding, that was the Phillies parade back in '08. But BU's parade was just as good in my opinion. OMG we finally made USCHO. I'm so proud of myself.

But this is more like what it looked like:

Fans actually flooding INTO Comm Ave. Such a beautiful sight.

But apparently it didn't please everyone. People today, I tell ya. Can't a guy just close down the city for a day, here and, say, every 14 years? This lack of pride shouldn't really surprise a BU student if he/she has attended this school for anymore than 3 weeks.

And sorry to continue my pictures of comparison, but nothing is as beautiful as this picture:

That's what MY MVP looks like. Compare your MVP to mine...and kill mine.

I leave you with this:

April 14, 2009

I Still Can't Get Over It

My God, where to begin? There's so much I need to cover and I don't know if there are enough hours in the day to write about it all.

First thing's first: Our 2009 BU Dance Team Tournament Winner is Emily Plucinak:

Emily won in similar fashion to the BU hockey team - by only one (vote), in the waning second of the tournament. So, for the tournament, the past 2 winners have been seniors.

Congratulations to Emily and all of her loyal fans.

Now, the winner of the Dance Team tournament bracket, with only two incorrect picks:


Zalman dominated this thing from Day 2 on. No one was really close to coming close to Zalman's picks, but here's how the rest of the top 10 looked:

2. Hot Dog
3. Professor Magee
4. Jesus
5. Greg
T5. Phil Rex
7. Tim Fitzpatrick
8. Zach Farnsworth
T8. Luciano Fraioli
T8. Matt Cooper
11. Manny Dotel
12.. Paul Kresge

Thank you for participating and we look forward (kind of) to doing it all again next year.

I'm going to post a complete rundown of everything that went down in DC. From the 3 am drunken walks around the National Mall, to the Newsuem, to the most epic sporting event I've ever been a part of. You'll get it all. I need to really collect myself for that one.

One thing that was so marvelous about being in DC on the national stage, was the huge amount of attention Jesus and I got. I can't deny, my ego swelled with the more and more people that came up and talked to the Christman and myself. I'm going to try to post as many links/stories/pictures as I can from the weekend, but there were plenty:

Yahoo Sports and the Puck Daddy blog
: Boy was he intrigued/confused what on earth was going on with us. At first he just got a picture of us, then he asked us if this was a common thing, to which we replied, "of course." Then he was all like, "this is too good, I have to interview you two on camera." The rest is history.

Then there was the DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinhert who found us during the semifinal.

He was baffled by what was going on, and was one rare reporter who didn't care to know our names. Instead he focused on the religious aspects of Jesus, with some very good writing.

He was there during the final and I told him the only thing I could think of after the Championship game:

"This is the best moment of my life. I can't think of anything that tops this."

He also got a snapshot of me, mid tears in the eyes:

BU Today followed Jesus and I very closely, in what I have to call, a tremendously done three part series. Every time I rewatch and listen to it, and get the sounds of the game, I really just bring myself right back to the Verizon Center - a place I could really live the rest of my life in and be happy.

I can't count the number of people who took pictures with us in DC. It was a lot. One was Assistant Dean Darryl DeLuca, who caught me looking like a 12-year old boy:

Then there was Matty Gilroy - one of the nicest BU athletes I've ever encountered:

We're too overjoyed.

This picture is being saved for eternity and it's all courtesy of Darryl Deluca. What's even better is, seconds after this thing was taken, Jesus suggested Matt sign with the Flyers, to which he responded, "I am definitely going to consider it."

The Verizon Center liked our band/the flag during the National Anthem:

Alright, I'm get sick of whoring myself out and looking at my boy-ish face. More from DC coming soon.

So for all that, here's a sweet Brian Strait fu-man-chu.

April 13, 2009


We won the National Championship!!!!! WE WON!!!!!!!!

A full write up is coming. Unfortunately, because of dedication to solely hockey over the last 5-ish days I need to catch up on actual school work (hey, what's that?).

Talk to you soon.

April 10, 2009




April 7, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: The Finals

What more do you need to know? You've seen the ladies, and now two remain:

West Region Champion
#21 Rachel Scott

East Region Champion
#1 Emily Plucinak

Best of luck to the ladies and best of luck to the whole team as they travel to Daytona, Florida for the Nationals competition.

April 6, 2009

It's Almost Officially Official

Goterriers.com says the school plans to formally announce the hiring of the next men's basketball coach, also known as this dude:

Patrick Chambers, the associate head coach at Villanova. He's even wearing the BU scarlet tie already. Looks like Nova playing in the regional in Boston was beneficial to all parties involved - Nova was close enough to bring a huge fan following, Lynch got to interview an assistant, and the assistant got to accept an offer.

Hopefully he doesn't back out, last minute like Tennessee Assistant Tony Jones did. Otherwise we have our newest coach at BU.

In other news Kelley Greenberg locked herself up with a deal extending her coaching contract until the 2013-2014 season. Hey, isn't that when DW was supposed to be here until?

April 5, 2009

Boston University Dance Team: West Region Final: #21 Rachel Scott vs. #25 Nicole Farin

And here we are in beautiful Cheyenne Civic Center for the BUDT final four.

Such a cozy arena for a cozy competition.

This is what the last 11 days has brought us, and my god has it brought us some entertainment. Let's see the bracket.

Tonight's matchup is the West Region final, as #21 Rachel Scott battles Freshman Sensation #25 Nicole Farin.

#21 Rachel Scott

Here is Rachel's second round matchup.

I was recently informed that Rachel is recovering from a head injury. In the intense practices leading up to the BUDT national's performance later this week, Captain Allie Bradley kicked Rachel in the head, causing a mild concussion. She claims it was unintentional, but I have my own thoughts. Thankfully, I caught photographic evidence of the incident:

No wonder she lost in the first round. That is low. Hopefully Rachel is on her way to a healthy recovery.

Here is her bio:

Rachel Scott hails from Unadilla, New York (population 1,051), and is currently a sophomore at Boston University. She first discovered dance at the age of six when her parents enrolled her in classes at A Class Act School of Dance in Sidney, New York. Rachel received training in jazz, tap, and lyrical for ten years until the studio closed. After taking a year off, Rachel joined a new studio, Precision Dance Arts Academy (Oneonta, New York) where she was introduced to modern technique. Rachel graduated at the top of her class from Unatego High School. Rachel joined the Boston University Dance Team as a freshman having never before considered dancing in college. While on the team, an old nickname from elementary school, “Scottie,” resurfaced, and hence, she has come to be known as “Scottie” to all within the spectrum of BUDT. At her first NDA camp, she received All-American recognition and wears the medal she won to bed every night. Rachel is now pursuing a degree in International Relations, as well as Journalism. Being on the team again this year, Rachel is looking forward to nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida, because last year’s trip is one of her fondest memories of BUDT. She hopes to be a major contributor this year, and is currently working on a sick-nasty hip-hop routine in memory of the now retired “Booty” dance, may it rest in peace.

What a novel. She just has too much to say.

Here is the photographic evidence for Rachel:

And now on to the competition:

#25 Nicole Farin

As stated in the last matchup, Nicole suffers from LFSD (Luciano Fraioli Smiling Disease). If you are interested in donating to the advancement of research in this area, please email me ASAP. Is there anything left to say after the last two matchups? Nicole first took down tournament favorite Jorie Larson in the first round, and then proceeded to drop Portuguese favorite Katrina Bucu to punch her ticket to Wyoming. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Here is her bio:

Nicole Farin, a freshman on the Boston University Dance Team, is from Clinton, New Jersey. She is 18 years old, in the College of General Studies, and is undecided about her major. Nicole started dancing at the age of four at the Eleanor Connell School of Dance in Annandale, New Jersey, where she took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. She switched dance schools at the age of seven and began taking recreational classes at Broadway Bound Dance Center in Lebanon, New Jersey. She made the competition team there at the age of eight and competed in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and pointe in various competitions in the tri-state area. In high school, Nicole was on the North Hunterdon High School Dance Team and was captain her junior and senior years. The team performed at the school's basketball games and the Teen Arts talent shows in April every year. Nicole is excited for the whole BUDT experience and sisterhood bonding and can not wait for Nationals in Daytona! Nicole's favorite colors are olive green and lavender and her best friend is her one-year-old Yorkie, Baxter. Her favorite drink is hot tea with honey, and her favorite place to be is the Jersey shore!

Nicole Farin: The best thing to ever come out of the armpit of America, New Jersey. Let's hope incoming freshman basketball recruit BJ Bailey disproves my theory.

Here are the pics:

VOTE AWAY. And I mean that literally...all the votes have gone away. Why?!?! Vote now.