March 16, 2009

Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain


That's all that was felt last night.

It really was deja vu from last year - I went to Hartford for the women's basketball conference final over the men's Hockey East game 3 quarterfinal game.

For the second year in a row the women's team suffered a championship loss (this time to Vermont) on Hartford's court while the men's hockey team dominated in Agganis.

This loss for the girls hurt more than any loss I think I've seen at BU. The thing is I've only seen the BU women's team lose two games in person in my entire life. Both games were conference final games on Hartford's home court.

God, that hurts.

The whole thing hurt - watching UVM celebrate what could've been BU's AE title, watching the girls (and coaches) tear up and leave the court, watching 4 seniors, arguably the best class in BU women's history leave without ever winning a conference championship, despite such an emmaculate recrod.

It hurt. My heart really goes out to these girls because they left it all on the court, but at the end of the day it barely wasn't enough.

The women still have more basketball to play, with the WNIT beginning either Wednesday or Thursday.

The Lady Terriers have a lot to be proud of and I won't forget this season. I just wish an 18 game winning streak didn't have to end like it did.

Congrats ladies on the best season in women's basketball history. YOU HAVE A LOT TO BE PROUD OF.


BU gets a home game in the WNIT tournament. Really, I don't get the selection committee at all on the women's side. UVM isn't the worst team in the tournament, yet they draw the UConn women. Evansville has a losing record, yet they draw a 15 seed.

For BU they have to play Central Connecticut State, then Boston College. Meanwhile, Hartford, an at-large bid, gets a first round bye and a home game! Crazy. I think it might be because they have BU's team record listed as the men's record. Screwjob!


Anonymous said...

I feel for the team as well but am trying to stay positive. Possible BU vs. BC in the second round of the WNIT.

Anonymous said...

Hot Dog and Jesus, do your magic and get the fans out on Thursday night. The Lady Terriers deserve it.