March 25, 2009

A little hockey in the midst of the BUDT?

As I'm sure you all know, the first round of The 2nd Annual BUDT Tournament starts at midnight. Be sure to refresh this page every 6 minutes for any possible developing news on that topic, but no more or less; every 6 minutes. 

But before this blog turns all of its attention to the BUDT, how about a little hockey talk? After all, we cannot forget to discuss BU's chances in the National Tournament. Here are my predictions as BU took the National #1 Seed on Selection Sunday:

I left the last spot open for your interpretation. You know what I'm thinking, but I don't want to be blamed for the jinx. I'll leave your imagination wide open.

I'm declaring the late 2000's Notre Dame hockey teams to be the early 1990's Buffalo Bills. Yeah, I went there. Two straight championship losses for the Fighting Irish. Although, as last year's tournament foretold, the runner-up of the previous year will go on to win it all (Boston College...). I'm scared.

I see Minnesota Duluth continuing their streaking ways and going 2/2 in Men's and Women's Frozen Fours. Duluth will continue their hot streak but cool down during the 2 week wait between regionals and DC. They get a rematch of the WCHA conference finals in the regional final, where they beat Denver 4-0. 

BU will face a much different North Dakota team than the one they beat 5-1 in the Ice Breaker Tournament in...OCTOBER! NoDak started the season 6-9-1 and briefly dropped out of the standings but, as expected, made a huge run to get the 2 seed they currently have. 18-5-3 since December. Either way, BU's close-to-home atmosphere and physical play will overpower the speed of NoDak. Look for Gryba to have a big game (like every other game this season -- Gryba for Hobey).

I like Yale in this tournament. Playing as the host team in Bridgeport, CT, and combined with some very hot play in the last few weeks (including a 5-0 win in the ECAC tournament championship to #9 Cornell), only a miracle will keep them out of D.C.

Hockey East Teams that aren't BU (UVM, NU, UNH), go a combined 1-2 in my bracket. I apologize to these teams, but the matchups are tough for these guys. Even NU beating Cornell is a stretch, but I think Cronin will round up his players after a very disappointing last couple of games this season. Losing the regular season HE by a point, escaping out of the corners, finally losing in OT to UML in the semis of the Hockey East tournament. NU is better than that, and I think they'll realize this...until they run into North Dakota.

Well, hopefully I have a vacation to D.C. in the near future. Either way, stay tuned for some dance team braket action in just 9 hours!!!1


Chase Ansok said...

Nice call on Air Force.

Joe Grav said...

Everyone's bracket is such an Epic-Fail right now. In my bracket pool, the guy leading has already lost 3 out of his 4 Frozen Four teams, as well as his national champion. He is going to win on the strength of having UVM in the FF.

I am one of only two people to have BU in the FF in our pool (lots of picking with our hearts), but even I have already lost the rest of my Frozen Four, as well as my national champ (Denver).


I love hockey.

Anonymous said...

Yale is junk.

Jesus said...

I'd have to agree, Joe. This year is ridiculous. More 4 seeds than 1 seeds? Hockey is just such a rough sport to have single-elimination. It makes things so unpredictable. But I am very happy with BU today because they showed that they are so talented that when they don't come to play they can still win. A huge confidence booster.