March 2, 2009

Jeff Pelaguwon - Man? or...Reincarnation?

A simple look at the box score yesterday when the BU men battled Hartford -- that just doesn't do justice for the Terriers' new low post threat. For 13 ruthless minutes, Jeff Pelage -- I mean Pelaguwon -- must have touched the ball on nearly every offensive possession. The ball goes through Pelaguwon's hands (formerly known as "stone hands") if we plan on putting the ball in the hoop.

The man is a force, and my god does he have a new nick name.

Someone got paid a lot of money to design those jerseys. Biggest scam in NBA history.

Foul trouble can get the best of us. But we don't have to look too far back to Thursday night's game against Maine to see Pelaguwon's stardom:

Two double-double's in one game? Unreal. With Matt Wolff's recent injury and an expected return unlikely while BU is still playing this year (I know what you're thinking...The Final Four is in April), the team needs someone to step up. Jeff is looking like the man for the job to get that extra push. Plus his running form is pristine. He's a natural Prefontaine, just look at him in a track jersey:

His hair was so lovely back then.

On a lighter note, Sherrod Smith played in just his tenth game of the season. He racked up 16 of his 34 minutes on the season and hit 5 FT's and provided some much needed help on the defensive end.
Wolff's 7 man team since Morris and Strong's injuries is proving to be a bit deeper than everyone thought.


Anonymous said...

For Pelage to be a reincarnation of Hakeem Olajuwon, wouldn't The Dream have to be dead?

Tall-boy said...

why is he wearing Teva's while shotputting?