March 23, 2009

Hockey East Champions

There's been a lot going on for Jesus and I (see BUDT Tournament) but that doesn't mean I can't mention that the BU hockey team is the best team in the East after winning the Hockey East championship at the Garden on Saturday night.

First BU had to beat BC on Friday night. As the second game I expected it to start later than the listed 8 pm start time, since it's the pattern (for every year I've attended), for the first game to go into overtime, which it did. UML obviously won and the Husky post-Beanpot bad luck continues. Really, they have blown almost every opportunity they've had since the Beanpot.

Anyways, three goals in 44 seconds - I don't think I'll ever see anything like that again. It was simply amazing. I was so exhausted after the third goal, but so pumped. I knew once it was 3-1 this game was pretty much over. A 2 goal lead with I think like 10 minutes remaining - BU could shut it down and pack it in. They would play the next night.

The mascot game was once again a highlight of the whole event. Last year the Providence Friar was the dominant force on the ice. This year it was definitely the Minuteman of UMass.

He was quicker, stronger, and just flat out better than everyone else. Regardless, with time running down in the game Rhett was able to dish the ball off to Baldwin from BC who buried the GWG as time expired. I can't wait till next year.

Saturday's game was a bit of a lull - 1-0. Sigh. It really should've been 1-1 because the UML goal that "went in" and was "called off" really did go in. In actuality it should've probably counted. It didn't so there's really no reason to argue it should've, or even think about it.

It was a beautiful thing to see this team skate around the Garden with a different trophy and watch a different banner be raised to the rafters. So beautiful.

The whole thing made me so so happy to be at Boston University and be a Terrier fan this year. Unfortunately, because of the win BU plays Ohio State in the tournament. Had they "thrown" that game to the Riverhawks, they would've given them an automatic bid and forced the committee to have BU play Bemidji St (the weakest team in the tournament) in the first round. Instead, because of tournament rules, Ohio State had to be reseeded and now they face BU in Manchester on Saturday.

4. More. Games. That's all that remains for the only trophy that matters.

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