March 10, 2009

Come On Women's Lax, Don't Sh*t On My Dreams

Alright, so earlier this semester I made some claims that had me saying the BU women's lacrosse team could win the NCAA championship. I also predicted their regular season record would be 14-2.

Like many things this season, this prediction has blown up in my face, George Constanza style.

The ladies played one half against Syracuse, going into the break with a 7-5 lead. Then they didn't show up in the second, losing by a final of 17-8. Ouch.

This past Saturday the women dropped their second straight, this time to Vanderbilt by one in a game that saw 37 goals. That's a tough loss to swallow.

Today BU hits up Franklin Field against Pennsylvania University - this team has treated BU terribly recently as the last two years they've ended the Terriers season in each NCAA tournament.

It's time for a change and time for a 12-game unbeaten streak to keep my season prediction accurate. Please ladies, do it for me - I'll be in attendance! Don't let me down. You're still hot.


candycanes99 said...

Darn, wish I'd seen this sooner! I was going to show up to Franklin Field today but didn't think anyone I know would be there. Oh well, maybe it's on some local station.

Anonymous said...

DWolff is goneee, had to happen sooner or later.

steven ree said...

on a side note, dennis wolff is not coming back. you should do a poll on this if people are either for or against.