March 29, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: West Region: First Round: #2 Allie Bradley vs. #33 Katrina Bucu

Voting was down over the weekend, as to be expected. We're just two matches away from the Elite 8, and the first round of the West region will finish tonight!

That being said, Emily Plucinak took down Nikki Dibz in the East and the winner of the Bradley-Bucu matchup will face off against tournament Cinderalla, Nicole Farin, who did what many people said was impossible - take down Jorie Larsen.

Many are attributing the defeat to Jorie's absence from the country and her inability to muster support for herself. At the end of the day it doesn't much matter, as freshman continue to run train on this tournament with a perfect 3-0 record thus far.

Here's the bracket so far:

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And here's a cool looking enlarged look at what's on tap for today:

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So let's meet the competitors:

#2 Allie Bradley

: Allie Bradley
Number: 2
Hometown: Beltsville, MD
Education: SED '10 - History Education
Dance Background: Began dancing at Eleanor Pernia Studio of Dance when she was three, and began competing at age eight. Allie was a three-year member and co-captain of the Eleanor Roosevelt Pom Squad and a two time Universal Dance Association All-Star. She just finished her third summer as a member of UDA staff. This is Allie's third year on the team, and she is very excited to be back on the Back 2 Back Challenge Cup Champion team. She was a 2007 National Dance Alliance All-American and a 2008 NDA All-America Nominee.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Dancing on stage with country music powerhouse, Rascal Flatts, and warmed up with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance? Season 4.
Interesting Fact: One day Allie hopes to own her own all-star cheer and dance complex.
Fun Fact: Words of wisdom" you can peak at semis as long as you peak again at finals.

This all comes from her provided bio on the BUDT website.

Firstly, don't hold the fact that she wears the same number as Matt Wolff against her. She did choose it, in honor of her favorite BU basketball player, but like I said, I don't want you factoring that into your voting.

Allie is probably the most knowledgable member on the team in regards to basketball. She understands the game and even enjoys it. Heck, I mean, when I was watching like the third overtime of the epic UConn-Syracuse Big East tournament game I got a text from her saying, "I hope you're watching this game." OF COURSE I WAS! It's fun/easy/a huge change to talk to Allie about basketball.

In addition to strongly liking basketball she has a vested interest in Hannah Montana, as her creepy blanket shows:

Finally, Allie is the captain of the BUDT. She rules with an iron fist that is smooth and gentle to the touch. Allie was an all-American last year and was a finalist this year. I think it's safe to say that her achievements are because of her extreme flexibility:

Allie is a great cook, I will say that. She's mastered the art of the break-and-bake cookie and makes some mean personal pizzas. In the video game realm she puts up some stiff competition. Jesus and I once played her in NHL 09. We were Great Britain and she was Canada. We won in a shootout (and we may or may not have been under the influence of alcohol), but she put up one hell of a fight.

Allie is from south of the Mason-Dixon line - the only member on the team. Like wearing number 2, I don't want you to hold her geographic origin against her.

Here are some more pictures of Allie:

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Now onto her competition:

#33 Katrina Bucu

: Katrina Bucu
Number: 33
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Education: SMG '12 - Marketing and International Management
Dance Background: Has danced for 14 years at 3 different dance studios and for 4 years on her high school varsity team. Katrina has danced almost every style, except tap, beginning with ballet, to jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, and kickline where she competed at dance competitions and performed in ballet shows.
Favorite BUDT Memory: As a new member of the BUDT she is most excited to get to know all the girls and go to nationals in Daytona Beach! Also, her favorite dance team memory so far is having a Long Island moment with Courtney Galliano from So You Think You Can Dance? and warming up with the rest of the cast.
Interesting Fact: No one on the team calls her "Katrina." They call her "Bucu."
Fun Fact: Bucu means coconut in Filipino.

This all comes from her provided bio on the BUDT website.

Katrina adds to the Asian flair on the dance team that they so desperately need after losing captain and winner of the BUDT tournament last year, Grace Lam. What a perfect replacement if you ask me.

"Bucu" has a heart of gold and a brain of a child-genius. It's clear from her bio that Katrina was probably a child prodigy in not only brain power, but also dance - she has done (almost) all forms and being on the DT certainly caters to that.

One time Bucu scared the crap out of Jesus in the library. So, her scaring abilities are defintely superior to Allie. I don't know how this will help her in a mud-wrestling cage fight though.

Finally, Katrina lives in Shelton Hall - one of the furthest dorms from the central area of BU. This sucks because it requires a lot more planning for travel time and all, but it definetely gets you to walk more. So, putting all this factors into play, Katrina must have very powerful legs, being that she has to walk to and from the FitRec almost every day. I'm guessing this helps in her kicking abilities (and her membership on the kickline in high school).

Here are some more pictures of Katrina to help you with your voting decision:

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There you have it - your participants for today's voting. Will Freshmen remain undefeated in the tournament and keep the Juniors winless? Or can the captain show the freshman wassup?

I can't decide that - nor can either competitor. Only you can. Vote wisely!


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