March 27, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: West Region: First Round: #25 Nicole Farin vs. #4 Jorie Larsen

Wooooow-eeee. What a couple of days it has been here on The Hot Dog and Jesus blog. Freshmen are 2-0 while Juniors are 0-2. Will this trend continue? Today's matchup will tell us - we have another junior vs. freshman matchup.

Here's what the bracket looks like so far:

Click to enlarge

I love brackets. Let's take a zoomed in look at today's match:

Before you vote I urge you to consider the following criteria:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Here are today's participants:

#25 Nicole Farin

Name: Nicole Farin
Number: 25
Hometown: Clinton, NJ
Education: CGS '12 - Undecided
Dance Background: Started dancing at the age of four at the Eleanor Connell School of Dance in Annadale, New Jersey, where she took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. She switched dance schools at the age of seven and began taking recreational classes at Broadway Bound Dance Center in Lebanon, New Jersey. She made the competition team there at the age of eight and competed in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and pointe in various competitions in the tri-state area. In high school Nicole was on the North Hunterdon High School Dance Team and was captain her junior and senior years. The team performed at the school's basketball games and the Teen Arts talent shows in April every year.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Nicole is excited for the whole BUDT experience and sisterhood bonding and cannot wait for Nationals in Daytona!
Interesting Fact: Favorite colors are olive green and lavender and her best friend is her one-year-old Yorkie, Baxter.
Fun Fact: Favorite drink is hot tea with honey and her favorite place is the Jersey shore!

This all comes from Nicole's provided bio on the BUDT website.

First, here's a rough depiction of Nicole's Yorkie, Baxter -

Now before you pass judgement on NJ I must say - I own property in South Jersey and it is simply lovely, despite the stereotypes people give to it (i.e. America's armpit.)

Rough sketch of the wealthier part of Jersey.

Nicole is tan and a fan favorite of some of the BU basketball players. It's clear from Nicole's bio that she has quite a background in dance. Dare I say she's a prodigy? That's yet to be determined I suppose.

It's known that Nicole is quick with posting Facebook pictures. The turnaround time is minimal - I'm talking like eight hours, tops, in posting pictures from a previous night on the town. For her Facebook stalkers, that's a huge, huge plus.

Here are some additional photos of Nicole to see what you're working with:


Now for her competitor:

#4 Jorie Larsen

Name: Jorie Larsen
Number: 4
Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL
Education: CAS '10 - Broadcast Journalism, Minor in Political Science
Dance Background: Growing up, Jorie took jazz classes for twelve years at her studio and competed on two local poms squads. She also competed for four years on her high school dance team, the Lake Park Lancettes (state champs '05 and '06). In high school Jorie danced with the student-run Dance Ensemble troupe for four years.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Performances and shows, team alter egos, national trips, stank faces, the core four, the deck of cards, warm-up (especially when followed by a lengthy wall sit), holiday parties and cleaning Agganis.
Interesting Fact: Jorie is studying abroad in Sydney.
Fun Fact: How many people do you know named Jorie?

This all comes for her provided bio on the BUDT site.

Jorie made a run to the finals last year, only lose to the eventual champion from last year: Grace Lam.

As stated earlier, Jorie is in Australia right now, meaning she may not get support she got last year...or she may get the total support of an entire (backwards) country.

Jorie is in a sorority, which means she'll probably get boatloads of support. It was disappointing to see Jorie change her number from 38 last year to 4. Some say this change caused the downfall of Philadelphia Phillies great, Kyle Kendrick.

Like Nicole, Jorie does have some stalkers. One of which has made his identity known as "Brian E from State College" or "Jorie4L." This man has made such an impact on the team that he's inspired signs to be made in support of Ms. Larsen:

Anyways, here are some more pictures of Jorie:

There you have it. Your two options to advance to the Elite 8. Choose wisely!


J. Manuel said...

i dont know whats up with people picking all underclassmen (or women) in this case but im not liking it

Jesus said...


J. Manuel said...

this is bullshit. i hate you if you voted against jorie

J. Manuel said...

jorie doesnt hate you cuz she is sooo nice. she is the greatest human being ever

Lucfraioli said...

This is straight up ridiculous.