March 25, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: West Region: First Round: #14 Kate Stanton vs. #12 Lauren St. Germain

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I don't know about you, but I've been waiting 300-some odd days for today. As soon as last year's dance team tournament ended I was at a loss. I've been at a loss for o-so-long. That ends now with the first matchup of the tournament - should be a doozy.

One person who is boycotting this tournament is one of the only America East writers, Sam Perkins.
Why? I know, it's a bit crazy, but apparently BU doesn't have any "booty." Because of this I've made it my personal goal to make sure there's a black girl on the team next year. That's neither here nor there though. There's something much more important at hand:

The West Region in beautiful Reno, NV starts us off.

This matchup is taking place in the Reno Events Center, home to the NBDL team the Reno Bighorns.
Ah Reno, the fifth best city in Nevada.

Anyways, this is a particular interesting draw - both members have been linked (romantically?) to current BU athletes. OMG I've said too much!

One is a seasoned vet the other is a brand new addition to the team this year. Either way, it sets up an competitive series. I mean, come on, if they're good enough for BU athletes they're good enough for you. And your vote.
Before you look into the bios/pictures I encourage you to keep the following factors in mind when determining a winner:

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio

Keeping all this in mind I present to you the competitors:

#14 Kate Stanton

Name: Kate Stanton (a.k.a. Stannie)
Number: 14
Hometown: Leicester, MA
Education: CAS '10 - International Relations with a focus on the Middle East (OMG)
Dance Background: Has been dancing for 13 years and was trained studio style in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, and Hip Hop. This is her third year on the dance team and she loves it. She has committed most of her spare time to the team and it has become the most memorable of her college experiences so far.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Some of her favorite team memories are beginning of the year retreats, dancing at the Rascal Flatts concert, and warming up with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance?
Interesting Fact: I'm taking Arabic and can write your name in it sometime if you would like. I have wings on my back...not real ones.
Fun Fact: Kate can speak Arabic and has a tattoo of Arabic calligraphy.

This all comes from her bio, which can be found on the BUDT site.

Kate is actually heavily tatted up:

Bam. That's more ink on her than Jesus. That's sayin' a lot.

Last year Kate lost in the first round to Rachel Scott. I'll have you know she was CRUSHED by the defeat especially since she lost 51% to 49%! She's really hoping that she doesn't go down to another freshman this year. It would be a traumatic experience for her and her family. Side note on her family - her mom is a HUGE supporter of Valdas Sirutis. Very firm advocate of more playing time for him and can rant about #15 any day of the week.

Bonus points for being Corey Lowe's girlfriend. Just sayin'. I hardly ever hear Kate referred to as "Kate." It's really always "Stannie." Kind of annoying.

Kate was also a recurring character on the BUTV show "Warren Towers." And by recurring I mean one episode. Some say it was so good the entire show had to be taken off the air.

I can vouch for her cooking. She makes a mean stir fry, and hamburger helper. One time she made me an apple pie for dinner. She will claim that it wasn't intended to be an apple pie, but that's how it turned out. I wasn't complaining.

Additional bonus points for being neighbors with Hot Dog and Jesus? You decide. Here are some photos of Kate to help you choose if she's worthy of a W (click to enlarge):

And now for her challenger:

#12 Lauren St. Germain

Name: Lauren St. Germain
Number: 12
Hometown: Holden, MA
Education: CAS '12 - Biology
Dance Background: Danced at the Diane Kelley Dance Studio and was on the competition team for nine years, studying ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and modern.
Favorite BUDT Memory: Getting to meet everyone and having Twitch touch her when the team got to warm up with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance? This is said to be the culmination of her life.
Interesting Fact: Has an extremely crazy laugh that you can hear from miles away and she tends to explode during practice.
Fun Fact: Has "St." as part of her name.

This also all comes from her bio, which can be found on the BUDT Site.

It's said that Lauren is a bookworm who started out at this fine private university as a pre-med student. Realizing that she could put her brain to better use she switched to biology. It's been a match-made-in-heaven ever since. But she dances too. Those two things alone take over Lauren's life - as it would for anyone.

Jesus and I refer to her as "LSG," because it's so much easier to say than Lauren-Saint-Germain. Plus LSG is so fun to say (it sounds like a certain hallucinogen).

Her last name does include "St." which is a rarity in today's society. It was probably real popular back in like the medieval times when everyone was trying to become immortalized as a saint and live on forever. Nowadays St. is known in her name, St. Patrick's Day, and the St. (Saint?) Mary's Gaels.

So on the night after St. Mary's season ended, can "LSG" move onto the BUDT Elite 8?

Here are some additional photos of Lauren to help you make your decision (click to enlarge):

Hey, even the girls like Lauren:


Alright, so there are your two competitors. Both are local girls, both have links to BU athletes, but who is good enough to move on? Only you can decide that. Vote early, vote often.

The poll will close tomorrow at 11:59 pm. At midnight you'll have your next matchup.

Finally, if you are still looking to get into the BUDT tournament pool email your bracket to by 5 pm today. Yes, voting will be going on, but with 7 hours left in the vote, it will still be unclear who will win, so it'll be all good if you can get it in in time.


Jesus said...

My bracket's got a hell of a lot riding on this match.

holier than jesus said...

too bad there's no option to vote how incredibly dumb this is

The Hot Dog said...

Damn, if only "how incredilby dumb this is" was on the team. Maybe next year she'll make it.

J. Manuel said...

I dont wanna jinx it but i like the way this match up is going

Zalman B said...

Gotta be honest, I'm surprised the way the first matchup is going.

Keeping in mind the categories:

- Dancing abilities (Adv. Kate)
Kate has 13 years experience and is trained in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop. This is her Third Year on the BUDT.
Lauren has 9 years experience and is trained in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, and Modern. This is her first year on the BUDT.
So, Kate has 4 years more experience (2 more on the BUDT) and has the same areas as Lauren plus 2 (Lyrical and Hip-Hop). Lauren did dance at the Diane Kelley Dance Studio, and I don't know whether that is a super impressive thing, but it would seem to me the advantage would go to Kate here.

- Spirit (Adv. Kate)
Not a ton of info available here, but Kate has 3 years under her belt, is the Treasurer of the BUDT, and has "committed most of her spare time to the team".
For her part, Lauren is "really stoked to be part of the BUDT!"

- How well you think she cooks (Adv. Kate)
According to the write-ups, "[Hot Dog] can vouch for [Kate's] cooking. She makes a mean stir fry, and hamburger helper. One time she made me an apple pie for dinner."
I don't know whether Lauren can cook.

- Smile (Push)
Both have great smiles, and while I think my preference is for Kate's I can see the argument either way. Push.

- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight (Adv. Lauren)
Both are very slender (they're on the BUDT after all) but (from the photos provided) Lauren may be a touch more muscular. Kate, on the other hand, may have the higher pain tolerance (witness the tattoos). This is a very tough one to call, but I guess the edge goes to Lauren.

- Driving abilities (Adv. Kate)
Flip a coin? Both are from near Worcester. Kate has a couple more years of experience, so I guess her?

- Provided bio (Adv. Kate)
Neither has any glaring errors/typos, but Kate's has more information and ends with a "fun fact."

Seems like a 5-1-1 victory for Kate based on those criteria. In the additional photos, Lauren looks great in the men's shirt and the little black dress, but Kate's eyes make more of an impression. Kate also has the whole "just missed last year" thing going for her.