March 30, 2009

BU Dance Team Tournament: East Region: First Round: #24 Angela Rodriguez vs. Kaitlyn Busconi

The 11 o'clock hour was a nail-biter for the Allie Bradley and Katrina Bucu matchup. At the end of the night, the freshmen continue their hot streak and make it 3-0 in the tournament so far.

Let's take a look at the updated bracket:

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Tonight, we see if the freshmen can now go undefeated in the tournament's first round as Freshman #24 Angela Rodriguez takes on Senior Co-Captain #22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi:

And as always, remember the criteria

- Dancing abilities
- Spirit
- How well you think she cooks
- Smile
- Skills in a mud wrestling cage fight
- Driving abilities
- Provided bio


Let's get to our contenders:

#22 Kaitlyn George-Busconi

I saw Kaitlyn in the GSU today. She was unaware that her matchup was today. Such focus. Anyways, Kaitlyn, who I only know as KGB because of the obvious similarities she shares to the Russian intelligence services of communist Russia (in Soviet Russia, cold catches youuuu), is currently the co-captain of the BUDT. She is known for being in "The Greatest Picture Ever," as labelled by yours truly, but I've been asked not to post that. Ha haaaaaa. Professor Magee was very disappointed to hear such news.

Poor guy.

KGB is one of few people I know who actually owns a car. In Boston. As a student. And it's an SUV. The driving skillz on this girl must be uncanny. She once drove me 2 blocks in her car, and while I probably could have walked quicker, I wouldn't pass up a ride for the world.

Kaitlyn also owns two donkeys. The Hot Dog thinks they should be named Brutus and Paulina, but we actually have no idea. That would be weird.

In terms of dancing, KBG is a 2-time all-american. I haven't seen one of those since 'Nam. She must have an outrageous pro career ahead of her, Matt Gilroy style. The sky is the limit. I'm thinkin like Exosphere style.

Here is her bio:

From Berlin, Ma. Enrolled in the university’s School of Management with a concentration in Marketing. Named Top-Gun Turner in August of 06 and All-American in August of 08. Before Boston University, trained in Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, and Tap. Danced at Worcester Performing Arts Center for four years. Danced and competed for Dawn’s School of Dance for ten years and Dance Arts Center for five years. Four year member of the International Showcase Dancers.

Here are them pics:

#24 Angela Rodriguez

Angela Rodriguez, aka "Jeezy," is the last of the freshmen to take action in this tournament. I'd assume she is a lock given this tournament's history. Freshmen are a career 7-0 in the first round, and Jeezy can make it 8-0 with a win here today.

But onto a more troubling topic, why in hell is her nickname Jeezy? Why not A-Rod?? Let's be serious here, I've seen "Jeezy" on the dance floor and I can only say one thing: Roid Rage.

Too soon? How about this:

Anyways, I don't think BU club sports tests for steriods, but let's just say I've seen her take down...Um...heat-seeking missiles...bloodhounds...and foxes...barracudas...all simultaneously with her bare hands. Unreal.

Jeezy spends her summers racing street cars in downtown New Haven, and was actually the inspiration for 2003 summer blockbuster 2 Fast 2 Furious:

I'm scared. But here's a little more about what she has to say about herself:

Angela Rodriguez is a freshman at BU from Wethersfield, CT. She's in the School of Education and is an elementary education major. Angela has been dancing for 12 years now and has done jazz, ballet, hip-hop, tap, modern, lyrical, and dance team. She was on her high school dance team for four years and is excited to be part of a college dance team at BU. Her favorite memory on BUDT is warming up with the cast of So You Think You Can Dance and touching Twitch! Angela has also had the opportunity to perform in Tomorrowland in Disneyworld twice.

And here are the photos:

And that is it for me. I'll let all y'all decide.



The Hot Dog said...

If anyone wants to see "The Greatest Picture Ever" hit me up @

J. Manuel said...

this is getting out of hand. fucking freshmen

m cooper said...

If bemidji st. wins out I blame all the freshmen

L. Fraioli said...

I'm confused...This tourney is losing all of its credibility as we speak.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. If Rachel Scott gets knocked out next, I'm no longer voting.

The Hot Dog said...

Chris Benoit pictures aren't even helping.

It's clear Freshmen care more about this than other classes as their career first round record is about to be 8-0!!!

While I agree that this ain't cool, it's the way it is. Hopefully this changes in the second round where Freshman enter with a 1-2 record.