March 1, 2009

Best Pictures of the Month

The shortest month of the year has ended. Yet somehow that shortest month produced some of the best pictures I can recall. I'd like to share with you.

First, I don't usually like anything Boston College does. However, in the midst of their suffering (which of course fuels me) and a home hockey loss to UNH, the Superfans did come up with some pretty entertaining signs:



Good work, Superfans.

The BU Dance Team felt particularly touchy this month:

You'll want to click to enlarge

(Dance Team tournament is just about 20 days away!)

BU forward Maggie McKemie can look especially startled sometimes:

That's alright though, because BU clinched a piece of the regular season title in the America East, and still remain undefeated in conference play:

Jeff Pelage emerged as a lowpost presence for the men's basketball team, and also showed off how creepily he can drink water:

And of course some of the others that have been previously posted:

I can only hope March will be as good as February was. I'm not sure this will be possible.

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Joe Grav said...

The 'before the game' signs got taken away by Conte security on the grounds that they were 'negative to the opposing team,' which is why we make the embarrassingly silly signs.

Thanks for the nod