February 6, 2009

Sole Possesion of First: WTF

Check your blood pressure:

With the victory over Albany last night the BU men's basketball team controls their own destiny (in terms of finishing first in the conference). BU was outrebounded 48-33, but won the stat that matters most: final score 77-67. It helps when Corey and JH23 combine for 52. As walk-on benchwarmer Tunde Agboola puts it - "if John and Corey go off, we winnin'." Truer words have never been spoken.

I was told this is the latest in the season BU has been first in the conference since 2004. Now here's to hoping we don't see it get pissed away! UNH is next.

And for kicks and giggles here's the other "This is Sportscenter" commercial that Rhett has been in. He looked so much cooler back in the day!


Tall-boy said...

Did I tell you how Rhett finally got into that Sportscenter ad?

The Hot Dog said...

Noooo...do tell!