February 26, 2009

Shake That Bear

UMaine comes to Case Gymnasium tonight, which means it's time to Shake That Bear. That Black Bear. I always relish getting to repeatedly chant "Shake. That. Bear" in an empty gymnasium.

Hopefully the starters get some rest tonight. Corey Lowe is set to play but I really want to see more Sherrod than CLowe - we don't need this game at all. Resting JH23, JOB, and CLowe should be the main objective. Then maybe winning. I'm sure DW will poop all over this though.

In addition to shaking that bear I hope all of you vote for either John Holland or Corey Lowe. It's a shame - a fakeBU player will probably win it, because all they care about in the middle of New York is delinquents playing basketball. Kind of. Boo hoo.

Shake that bear.

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