February 19, 2009

Season Preview: Women's Lacrosse

Who's feeling hot, hot, hot? Right-o, women's lacrosse is. And Jon Jonsson.

2008 Record: 18-3

In depth:

Credentials: Last year they won the America East, won their NCAA play-in game against Sacred Heart, won their first round NCAA against UNH, but then ran into Penn in the NCAA Quarterfinal, losing 8-5. Penn made it to the NCAA Championship.

In the first coaches poll of the year BU was ranked #10. RESPECT.

Key Losses:
Laura Morton. I've never see a better leader on any team in all my time than Morton. I remember talking to her after an exhibition tournament I believe - she had no voice because she was yelling for every game straight. She led the team and it translated to a lot of victories. Morton racked up a 57 goals - second best on last years team.

Also, Molly Collins who scored 27 goals. It's okay though, we still have her sister, Rachel.

Key Returnees:
All-American Sarah Dalton. Sarah scored 71 goals last year and looks to top that number this year.

Also Junior Goalie, Rachel Klein. She boasted great numbers last year. Look for her to repeat her brick-wall-ness play this season.

And the team's third leading goal scorer, Traci Landy, who threw 44 balls into the back of the net in 2008. That's a lot!

Finally, Jenny Taft. AKA Matt Gilroy's girlfriend. AKA 2008 Hot Dog & Jesus Award Winner for hottest athlete. AKA EYE CANDY. Our hottest athlete is hotter than your hottest athlete.

Who's Gonna Have To Step Up: Somone's gonna have to fill the shoes of Morton and I pick McKinley Curro. Usually people have double first-name names: examples: Mike James, Robert Scott, you get the idea. McKinley is the first person I think I've ever met who has a double last-name name. Hot.

McKinley can fill the shows of Morton and add to her goals. I don't think anyone will top Dalton's offensive production this season, but I can see McKinley really boosting her total from last year. She's got the legz to do it.

Look at those legzzzzzz!!!!1!

What The Coaches Think:
No surprise here, the coaches know exactly what's up:

1. BU (5) - 35
2. UNH (2) - 32
3. Vermont - 25
4. Albany - 18
5. Stony Brook - 12
6. UMBC - 11
7. Binghamton

Hartford and Maine just aren't quite good enough to have women's lacrosse teams. And not hot enough either.

A Look Into Some Key 2008 Stats:
- BU outscored opponents 294 to 171.
- They outscored opponents in the first half, 164 to 84.
- BU outsaved opponents 181 to 163.
- BU outshot oppenents 611 to 468.
- BU took two shots in overtime all last season. They scored both.
- BU outdrew opponents 269 to 239.
- BU averaged 29.1 shots on goal per game to their opponents 22.3.
- BU averaged 14.3 goals per game to their opponents 8.32
- BU was better in every statistical category last year. Except attendance average.

Hot Dog's Predictions:

Final Record:
14-2 - regular season only.

Final Finish: America East regular season and tournament champs. Then on to the NCAA Championship game. NCAA runners-up. You heard it hear first. They'll make it to the big game, but run into the unstoppable force that is the Northwestern Wildcats.

2009 Schedule:

2/25 - vs. UMass
2/28 - @ William & Mary
3/4 - @ #3 Syracuse
3/7 - vs. #12 Vanderbilt
3/11 - @ #5 Penn
3/14 - @ George Mason
3/18 - @ Yale
3/21 - vs. Harvard
3/28 - vs. Albany
4/1 - @ #14 UNH
4/4 - @ Stony Brook
4/8 - @ Boston College
4/11 - @ Vermont
4/18 - vs. Binghamton
4/22 - vs. #13 Dartmouth
4/25 - vs. UMBC

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