February 12, 2009

One of Two Things I Liked In The UVM Game

BU lost by a hefty amount, mostly because only 15 points were scored in the second half for the Terriers.

Anyways, there were two GREAT plays by JH23. Here's one, also known as the #1 play on Sportscenter's Top 10 last night/this morning.

The other would be John's nasty spin move past Garvey Young and Trimboli (I think) for a lay in. He made Young go down.

He's something else. In first halves at least.


Rachel said...

Just wondering (this has nothing to do with this post - it's actually more related to the one after the qualifying Beanpot round in which you felt that it wasn't classy to yelled "F--- You N-U", but I figured you might not see the comment)...

If you feel it's inappropriate to yell curse words (barring possibly "f--- 'em up, f--- 'em up, BC sucks") at games, how is it appropriate to hold up condoms at Mens Basketball games? In a much smaller sports area like The Roof, where younger fans can most definitely see the items in your hands, I can't understand how you might justify it as being 'classy'. There's absolutely no reason for your entire group of friends to hold 'em high and nigh for all to see.

The Hot Dog said...

I can answer your inquiry with this:


"[Binghamton player Malik] Alvin was arrested by Town of Vestal police on Nov. 6, for the alleged assault of an elderly woman and theft on Oct. 26. Police said Alvin was fleeing from Wal-Mart, where he was allegedly stealing a 36-pack of Trojan Magnum Condoms when he knocked over a 66-year-old woman, inflicting a concussion."

And the State University of New York at Binghamton gives out free condoms!

The NY Times seemed to love it that BU fans (me) did their homework, as they took photos of us waving condoms at Alvin all game.

I'm sorry, but when a D1 athlete, who is getting a college education for free, behaves this way, there is no way I will let that go. And the fact that he did not get kicked off the team for such behavior only warrants further harassment (with condoms) when he steps on the court. Boom.

If he played at Duke it would've been 10 times worse.

cowboy hatz r kewl said...

Swearing at a game is something your 8 year old can't turn on a tv and hear at 6pm. The news story on the basketball player is something that 8 year old will see on television in full detail. Additionally, that 8 year old will see condoms at grocery stores and the local CVS. Not allowing that would be crossing the line of censorship.