February 4, 2009

Oh Right, The Beanpot

I liked doing a numbered post about Hartford, so here we go again. This time for the Beanpot:

1. You know, whenever I get nervous I clench up my buttocks. It's a common reaction. I was clenched like that entire game. I was so nervous. Even when BU was up one I was clenched. Even when I saw the final "goal" go in even though I knew it didn't and wouldn't count I was still clenched. It wasn't an easy win against the Crimson, but it was a win, and that's all that matters.

2. I loved the size of the BU fanbase - it was easily the biggest I've seen in my time here. However, they were also the sleeziest. I don't need to repeat what I said, but I will - we were classless and used curse words directed towards the NU fans. Unacceptable.

3. The Northeastern fans really did amaze me - they weren't as large in numbers as BU, but they were loud and fired up and obviously needing to be there. I think there's a word for all that - frontrunning.

4. BC was pathetic on all levels - play on the ice and students in the stands. Lame.

5. Harvard fans...were there any? I mean, fans that actually go to Harvard. NU fans were supporting the Crimson hard, but they're thoughts of going to Harvard only exist in wild, wet dreams.

6. The final game will be epic next week. I've already said this.

7. I thought there was something wrong with the ice or something...I don't know - BU didn't handle the puck well and it just seemed like they were off a bit. Maybe it's just cause they sucked.

8. Did anyone else notice that guy with the epic mustache and crazy hat that is at the Beanpot year, after year? He was there again! That guy's so cool - he always gets a ton of time on the jumbotron.

Kind of like that

9. It's like a requirement for every student section to have a Green Man in it? I swear - that guy blew up. There's one at BU games. NU also has one. I love it.


the High Roller said...

There's a greenman at BU games? I'm guessing only hockey games, since a greenman at one of our bball games would be a little out of place.

The Hot Dog said...

Oh yeah, only at hockey. I doubt he knows there is a BU basketball team.